Ready Steady Go!

Ready Steady Go!

You’re never too old for a theme park! Ferrari World brings in the same feeling with its enthralling amusement park.

It’s time to buckle-up and get set for a wild and luxury ride at Ferrari World of Abu Dhabi.

Three years in the making, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is an iconic Theme park with sleek red roof, inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body. Located on Yas Island on the North East side of Abu Dhabi’s mainland— a 10-minute drive from the Abu Dhabi International Airport, 30 minutes from the city of Abu Dhabi and 50 minutes from Dubai Marina, is an 86,000m2 large indoor space, with 20 unique rides.

yas_aerial_night_0720Not just that Ferrari World also holds the world record of fastest roller coaster and advanced racer stimulators.

Moreover, the theme park also gives you an opportunity to live your dream of driving a Ferrari!

Yes right, you can drive around Yas Island behind the wheel of a Ferrari California.

For your safety, you will be supervised during your experience, and you must follow the instructions of your pilot at all times. You’ll receive a lesson into how to drive the car from one of their trained pilots, and a Ferrari expert will be on hand to give you some insider tips. With space in the back seat for up to two passengers, it’s the perfect adventure to share with family or friends.

The alluring pictures and ads of numerous amusement parks might be promising thrills but at Ferrari World your experiences would be that will give you an adrenaline rush.

Ferrari world is open throughout the year for the guest and you can book your tickets online at Ferrari World’s Official website.



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