Hublot reveals the secret of watch

The philosophy of the visible and the invisible as a new trend – Hublot exposes the watch mechanism, the new holy grail of Hublot Sapphire

Watchmakers at Hublot believe that when the decoration of your watch becomes invisible, the secrets of its architecture and its movement are revealed directly to your gaze. Owing to this philosophy, they returned to the codes of watchmaking, always in search of excellence and audacity, to work with painstaking materials such as Sapphire which are immensely difficult to carve to perfection, in order to define its invisible visibility concept as a mega-trend.

Unveiling all of its construction and its skeletonised movement, the Spirit of Big Bang in sapphire allows the ultra-lightweight construction and a minimalist style both to shine through visually when worn. The upper part of the case with the bezel, the two end caps and the lower part including the back and the crystal revealing the movement, are made from 4 blocks of machined and polished sapphire crystal, providing a self-winding skeleton chronograph movement.


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Thanks to 3D machining and almost 100 hours of work, the Spirit of Big Bang Sapphire is as hard and scratch-resistant as diamond (9 on the Mohs scale, versus 10 for diamond). The only visible elements that remain out of a total of 278, which include 31 Rubies, are the satin finished crown and pushers, case screws, the 6 H-shaped screws of the bezel and the buckle clasp, all cut from titanium, and the components of the movement.

Released in only 250 pieces, the Spirit of Big Bang Sapphire is waterproof to 50 metres of depth and houses a power reserve of up to 50 hours.

A timepiece of minimalist style, made of clarity, purity, and transparency, this watch bears witness to a new trend.

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