First-of-its-kind Block-chain for luxury!

First-of-its-kind Block-chain for luxury!

Time and again cases appear where people lose important documents of treasured products that prove authenticity and origin. However, Arianee comes to rescue; this is a first-of-its-kind app that caters to the private relationships between items, owners, and brands. Read on to know about this ‘block-chain for luxury goods’. 

These days it is extremely hard to distinguish between the real products and the fake ones. It’s very hard to know whether or not you are buying a genuine product or not. However, Arianee comes to us bearing this solution. Arianee comes with a solution and a way to preserve value for people, brands and their owners. Arianee is a luxury protocol where all these products of value are recorded. These records are backed by blockchain these records are anonymous and impossible to breach, destroy or forge. Arianee is trying to bring into play the first secure protocol for all the worlds’ objects. In an attempt to preserve the relationship between brands, items, and owners, the app has been designed; it refers to this link as the ‘smart-link’Arianee helps the brand improve its communication with the owners. If say a product has been gifted or sold to someone else, it can lead the brand to have a mistargeted audience for its communication. This app helps the brand have an open communication with the current owner of the product at all times- without a mediator.



It is an online repository and owners can register their products free of charge. These are backed by blockchain; it is failproof and comes with 100% guarantee.


The products which are registered on the app blockchain are shown as “Smart assets” these can be saved along with important documents that show the proof of ownership and warranties.



The smart link gives the owners complete control and access to their vaults. The owners have the option of choosing which data they want to share, with whom and when. Brands and owners develop and maintain a lasting link that they have complete control over.


In the brand data hub, the brands can authenticate products and connect the owners throughout a product’s lifetime. Developers can integrate with ERPs, CRMs and more.



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