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By now you are well entrenched in types of teas, it’s benefits, blends, and organic goodness. Happy to take you a step closer to the leaf in that case. In this article, Radhikas speaks about the White Tea, pure, fresh and the most sort after leaf in the world. Which also commands a premium in the auctions of the world due to its exquisite character, delicate brew, and of course the premium leaf.

Following are my favourite two White teas, one from India and the next from China:

Darjeeling White Leaf QUIET MOMENT Tea

Planted with the finest Tea bushes and a specific combination of climate and soil, only the youngest of tea buds are plucked and packed to give you the finest and most premium First Flush Darjeeling White Tea.

Known for its purity and freshness, the Darjeeling White Leaf QUIET-MOMENT Tea from the Bio gardens of Sivitar is considered to be a show stopper in auctions. Gentle, well-balanced, smooth, and refreshing, this tea is a Quiet-moment tea that can be had any time during the day when you long to get in touch with your inner self and relax.

Radhika’s Tea Tips

  1. Culinary Tip: The white tea infusion makes a tealicious popsicle, simply add the infusion into moulds add a dash of cinnamon, vanilla pods, and coconut essence to make a sugar-free popsicle.
  2. Garden Tip: The wet leaf at the end of the day can be kept aside to be used in your gardens and potted plants instead of manure.

Tea Time of the Day: Quiet Moment, All Day

Tea Accompaniment: Starters, Salad, Dip & Spreads, Desserts, Curries & Casseroies, Bread Baskets & Meats.

Tea Mood: Calm

Tea Feelings: Calming

Tea Description: “Happiness is warming your hands with a hot cup of tea.”


Silver Needle White Leaf QUIET MOMENT Tea


If rare is your thing and sweet is your taste, here’s a fine tea that will make you fall in love with it first and then ensure that it ends up being your last. Known to be the purest of all fine teas and as fresh as plucking the tea leaves and packaging it instantly, Silver Needle White Leaf QUIET-MOMENT Tea is the only variety that is made of the silver-tipped, tender tea buds instead of the regular tea leaves. Hence the name.

Sourced specially from our tea partners in Fuding, this tea demands a great price owing to the special Baihao process it undergoes before claiming its place in our signature selection and reaching your cuppa. Sun-dried and least oxidised, highly quality Silver White Needle Tea is generally processed in small batches in early spring to maintain its premium quality.

Radhika’s Tea Tips:

  1. VaniTea: Ice cube the infusion to dab away fatigue eyes, dark circles, and puffy eyes.
  2. Food: After steeping for multiple times, you can reuse the steeped leaves in salads.

Tea Time of the Day: Quiet Moment, All Day

Tea Accompaniment: Deserts & Bread Baskets.

Tea Mood: Refreshing, Calm & Happy.

Tea Feelings: Refreshing, Calming & Happy.

Tea Description: “The spirit of the tea beverage is one of peace, comfort, and refinement. Arthur Gray



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