Your Wardrobe is Incomplete without These

pair of shoes every man should have

As it is commonly said “Good shoes take you to good places”, like wise “Different shoes also take you to different places.”

Shoes form one of the most crucial part of a men’s wardrobe ever designed by the mankind. A nice looking pair of shoes completely transforms your look from ordinary to extra-ordinary. Different pair of shoes display different attitude.

But, the real problem arises when we keep on dragging our same old sneakers at every occasion we go. So, to save you from repeating this crime again and again, we bring you a list of must-have shoes in your wardrobe, irrespective of time and situation.

The Oxford

pair of shoes every man should have

Oxford are the most comfortable and classy shoe for men. But a lot of time gentlemen’s like you get confused between the Oxford, Derby and Brogues. A fine line of stitches under the vamp is the only thing which separates Oxford from rest of the two. Oxford looks perfect if paired up with Tuxedo. And it is often a gentlemen’s first choice when talking about formals.


pair of shoes every man should have

If you are looking for more detailing and depth, then you should put your hands on the Brogues. These are just like the Oxford’s but with only one difference of detailing on the cap. These are a great option for all your formal gatherings, if you are looking for some detailing and depth in your outlook. And if you have seen the movie: Kingsman, then you know what I am talking about.

Monk Straps

pair of shoes every man should have

The Monk Straps are the most durable and dressier alternative to sandals, similar to those worn by European monks. They do not have any lacing instead closed by a strap and buckle. They are perfect for a semi-formal gathering like: family functions, corporate parties, etc. you can dress them up with a good pair of chinos or denim jeans.

Chelsea Boots

The first thing that comes up to our mind when we hear boots is winters. Chelsea Boots are the most brilliant and insulated shoes ever designed, as a perfect winter outfit with keeping your style quotient in check. And they include no problems of tying the lace again and again. They look perfect on anything whether it be your dark-washed denim jeans or a black formal pant.

Suede Loafers  

Loafers, depending on the material, can come off dressy or be very casual. A nice pair of Loafers are widely accepted and appreciated due to its extreme comfort ability and unique shoe design. If you want to enhance the beauty of your Suede loafers than pair them up with dark-coloured velvet blazer or coat. Also it is available in variety of colours depending on your choice and taste.


The casual and sporty look is again back into fashion these days. A cool pair of sneakers is a necessity for you, if you want to waste less time on wearing the shoes but still look good. And a plain white or black coloured sneaker symbolises that you have a fun-loving and sporty personality.

Athletic Shoes   

pair of shoes every man should have

Don’t you dare get confused between Sneakers and sports shoes? Sport shoes are different they have got nothing to do with sneakers. Their sole and whole purpose is to assist you in all your athletic activities during the day. These are for the time when you want to go for a mile long run or play your favourite outdoor activity or during exercising.



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