Your survival guide to France

Things you should know when you’re in France

Meet and Greet: It’s almost customary in France (In the whole of Europe for that matter of fact) to enter into whichever store, restaurant, building or even a local marché, and politely greet the host before doing anything else. It is rather impolite if you do not perform this basic etiquette. Always start with a ‘Bonjour!’

Pocket Dictionary: It’s a known fact that very few French prefer to speak in English. The signs, Menus and instructions too, are mostly in French. To communicate effectively with the French in order to get around the place, it’s always a good idea to have a pocket dictionary or an app for this purpose.

2_dictionary-reference-book-learningDress Formal: One of the unspoken rules of the French is to dress to impress; all the time. If you’re in the mood to roam around in your baggy sweatshirt and dine in a fancy restaurant, chances are you might not be able to leave the street without a few glares. Dressing good, even for the local markets, is one of the major protocols followed by the French.

3_Dress formalParis in August is a No: August is the month when the French are on holiday, with the major restaurants shut, and a very small amount of attractions left to visit, which are open all around the year. You don’t want to miss out on anything once you’re there.

Take the Train: The TGV is the fastest train in France, and Europe. This option is also more economical and ‘vite’, as compared to other public transport options available there. The RER is equally cost-friendly; however, I’d be more cautious about my belongings in this one if I were traveling in it.
4_TGV_TrainValuable Valuables: Leaving your belongings unattended, absolutely any where, can be a bad idea in France, unless they are properly locked up. Beware of mischievous tricks on the Parisian streets in general.

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