Your fitness BFFs in the new year

fitness BFFs @ PeakLife

Health goals are different for different people. Be it losing some extra weight or gaining some strength or stamina, your journey towards a healthier you can be revved up with these BFFs by your side.

If you’re still focused and determined about keep your new year’s resolution of getting fitter and healthier, you need to read this… Whatever your mission for health be, the company of good gear and gadgets makes the journey easier and more efficient, read ‘effective.’ So, we’ve handpicked a list of essential items from fitness gears to tracking tools to motivation tools, that can all come handy in helping you achieve your health goals.

Fitness App @PEAKLIFE

Fitness tracker:

A fitness tracker can help you in two ways, firstly by keeping a record of your progress and secondly by motivating you at times when you feel like giving up. A fitness tracker can be a wearable tool like Fitbit or an app in your phones which can help you achieve your goal by keeping a track and many other useful features.


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The right shoes:
A good pair of sports shoes are a must for getting on the track of health and fitness. Be it running, cardio or weightlifting, shoes are must because of their firm grip, support, comfortable sole and ability to make you less prone to injuries.



Headphones @PEAKLIFE

Music while exercising can help you stay motivated without any distractions and you will end up working out harder and would push yourself to new limits. Headphones with better sound and base quality can keep your pumped up throughout the session.Bluetooth headphones with sweat resistant quality are the best choice for a power-packed workout session.


Yoga Mat:
Yoga is the best way to get healthier and build on your inner strength and core. Slippery, low-quality mats can become a spoiler when you practice yoga, so make sure you put your money on a thick, durable, dry grip and eco-friendly mat for enjoying a comfortable yoga session.



Running belt:
Running is one of the healthiest and most effective exercises as it involves the complete body movement.It can make your running stress free. A running belt can serve you with a storage solution where you can keep your valuables secure and discreet while you sweat.




Exercise bands and Gloves:
Firm grip and support can make you less prone to injuries. So, resistance ankle bands and hand gloves can help you when you are out for strength training by providing good support and grip.



Water Bottle @PEAKLIFE


Water bottle:
Exercising makes you sweat and can cause dehydration. So, you must own a spill proof and tough water bottle to keep you hydrated throughout your workout session.




Gym equipment:
Gym Equipment like a treadmill, cross trainer, skipping ropes, dumbbells, and some weight bars can help you to be fit, strong and healthy. These things can be invested in for your very own home gym, or a gym corner inside your room.



Fitness clothes:
A good work out session is bound to leave your sweaty. That is the body’s natural way of releasing toxins. This means that you must slip into gear that is sweat absorbing that keeps you feeling dry and comfortable. At the same time fabrics with Lycra, or a similar stretchability will be more comfortable as you push your limits during a workout session.



Exercising while commuting can complete two tasks with a single effort.This is the reason why many are choosing to cycle their way to work, if possible. Bicycles make getting to work and back home a breeze, instead of a boring slog through rush-hour traffic and subway commuters.



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