Yoga the unusual way in St. Moritz

yoga at St mortis

Practice Yoga during your vacation in St. Moritz that will leave you rejuvenated and amused at once.

Those looking for a summer holiday that’s blessed with relaxing moments and activities to energize and rejuvenate everyone in your family, here is a special offering from the scenic location of St. Moritz. This is true, St. Moritz will welcome guests for the summer in June, offering unlimited fun activities for children and peace and relaxation for adults. With gently sloping hills draped with lush Alpine meadows, high mountain valleys, mighty glaciers and glistening lakes, there is no better place that offers pure and ‘sparkling’ air with plenty of sunshine. As the weather favors, the Engadin valley offers yoga to guests who may like to continue their fitness regime on their holiday. And not just any kind of yoga, guests can partake in their fitness practice in the meadows, among a herd of goats, and on or along the glistening lakes!

Yoga with the goats

That’s right! Visitors can now enjoy a Yoga session in the lush green meadows amidst the mountain goats. The session is sure to leave the guests with feeling fresh and rejuvenated with the pure mountain air, in addition to a delightful audience to the work-out. Yoga is held on the alpine meadows every day for 90 min. Cost: 40 CHF/Person, that includes tea and a yoga mat included, not more than 10 participants.

Stand Up Paddle Yoga

Paddle Board Yoga is the art of performing yoga while you Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUP) usually while the board is in calm water, such as a lake. The sport combines hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga asanas, or poses, with surfing. If you’re intrigued and excited about SUP Yoga on the Silvaplana Lake, you can connect with the Gut Training St. Moritz who is responsible for organizing lessons for the same.

In addition, to the unusual Yoga sessions, various five-star hotels in the valley also have a long list of programs that include Yoga and meditation the conventional way.



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