Workout In Style With Louis Vuitton

Getting in shape is all fun and games until you have the $545 Louis Vuitton Jump Ropes to help you attain your fitness goals.

While most of us remember playing jump rope as a kid, we most likely didn’t use a Louis Vuitton monogrammed rope to do so. The luxury fashion house however would like your kid to look a little more stylish on the blacktop, as they have released a range of monogrammed toys including a jump rope, ping pong set and playing cards. The monogrammed toys might also make for fun family nights at home playing a round of table tennis or go fish.

The Louis Vuitton skipping rope maintains the function and use of a piece of workout equipment, while taking a luxury spin on it with an embracing impressive materials. The skipping rope itself is composed of a leather strand and handles adorned with dark, masculine Monogram Eclipse canvas. The Louis Vuitton skipping rope also comes with a signature carrying pouch meant to hold the luxurious piece of workout gear on any excursion. The jump rope itself carries a $545 price tag.

With over 160 years of design under its belt, Louis Vuitton has printed its iconic monogram onto a plethora of highly desirable items. From the Karl Lagerfeld boxing bag to travel furniture by Marcel Wanders and the Christian Louboutin shopping trolley, the brand is completing its collection of sports and leisure accessories with this capsule collection. Think tennis rackets, balls as well as playing cards, all of which come in their own case and are printed in their black Eclipse monogram.

While the benefits of jump rope range from faster weight loss, increased muscle engagement, improved cardio, improved mental sharpness and not to forget the fun factor. You can achieve all this while staying up to date with the fashion trends and using Louis Vuitton skipping rope to achieve the results.

These Louis Vuitton items make an extraordinary gift for someone who has everything!



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