Witness the Lords of Lighting

Lords of Lightning Frequency Rider to captivate visitors with electrifying Abu Dhabi show from 26th march to 4th April.

The world-famous performance, Lords of Lightning- Frequency Rider, is set to fascinate audiences with its electrifying show in the second edition of the Mother of the Nation Festival, which will run from 26th March to 4th April along the Abu Dhabi Corniche.

Having surged to prominence with displays across the globe in New Zealand, England, France and Japan, and with a wealth of skills and experience, the Lords of Lightning are set to ignite and enthrall visitors with their spectacular high-voltage shows through giant sensory immersive environments, animated metal sculptures and unique effects powered by harnessing the force of energy.

At the heart of all their performances is a piece of electrical wizardry, the Tesla Coil, which harnesses 2 million volts of electricity into a spellbinding symphony of controlled energy. With shooting lightning bolts at a range of sonic frequencies, the show is an enticing union of fluid human movement, the physics of music and the volatile power of white hot electricity.

Drawing on elements of modern dance, martial arts and the infamous Tesla electricity, the Lords of Lightning explore the rhythm and tone of lightning as sizzling arts of energy crackle through the atmosphere, resulting in a unique performance show that draws in crowds from all ages and backgrounds to marvel at the seemingly impossible.

Lighting Show_AbuDhabiThe Lords of Lightning- Frequency Rider performance will take place close to the main stage. As for the Main stage, it will host a range of entertaining and highly interactive events, such as Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions, a live orchestra to Pokemon film, Ensijam: Arabic Orchestra, local bands, Pixel Pyros and other performances.

Organised by Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) the Festival will host a range of activities, performances, elements and features that are bound to dazzle and engage festivalgoers as they enjoy the pulse-pounding activities, jaw-dropping performances and appetising cuisine available throughout the event.





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