Where the wait is worth the time

Where the wait is worth the time

Charles De Gaulle, Paris offers its passengers modest facilities, to stretch that jet lag and relax. Here are a few generals to get through the hustle and tussle when you travel to France.

Charles De Gaulle marvels one due to its sheer size and immensity. This does not come as a surprise since this international hub is the busiest airport in the world, second only to the London Heathrow. Connecting flights from France and also to the rest of Continental Europe, Charles De Gaulle has been famed for its vast layout which leaves its passengers at awe. The confusion which follows can be tended at the hospitable information desks that work 24 hours without break.

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Spreading across three departments being Seine-et-Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-d’ Oise, the airport comprise of satellite units with three terminals. T1 is the oldest terminal while T2 is where the airport receives its lion share of passengers and T3 is reserved exclusively for charters.

Convenience for all

The airport offers free Wi-Fi facilities and in addition provides premium service packages for high speed internet at minimum cost. It is well facilitated with ATM’S and Travelex outlets are open throughout Terminal 1 and 2 for currency exchanges and other necessities.

Being an international hub, Charles de Gaulle respects the religious needs of its passengers and offers them private spaces for the same. Terminal 1 and 2 is facilitated with prayer areas divided into Chapel, Muslim prayer area and Synagogue.  The Synagogue in Terminal 2E serves as a multi-faith prayer hall.

Terminal 1 and 2 provide the travellers with workstations complete with plug sockets and away from the rush, so that you can take your work with your travel and is a accommodating to those travelling for business.

The wait in airports can be dreading and Charles de Gaulle provides you a way out of stress. Right from massage chairs, full-fledged Spa and Salon Services with facial massages and beauty treatment to HD Viewing corners, Charles de Gaulle has them all. Wade away the stress of travel, with Be Relax Spa functioning in Hall M of Terminal 2E. The terminal also accommodates the Sony Video Lounge, equipped with private viewing spaces, built in speakers and the complete HD experience. If you are more into knowing the art and culture of France, then the exhibition of the same features it at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2E of CDG.

Separate Children’s Play areas and Baby Care complete with strollers, TV programmes and video games are located within various sections of Terminal 2, to take the load off those travelling with children.

Music works magic and Charles de Gaulle helps you calm your mind with the Espace Musique Lounge. Terminal 2E features the complete Universal Music Catalogue experience, with individual listening booths to soothe your nerves before the take-off.

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Fine Dining

Whether you prefer the fine dining experience or just want to catch a bite in between, Charles De Gaulle has it all. Panama Café, located in Terminal 2E, gives you the perfect Parisian Gourmet, but if you are in the mood for something casual, then Bert’s is your choice. Bert’s is situated in Terminal 2C and serves you the casuals, with salads and soups for that healthy tinge. However if you are in the mood for fine dining then, Chef Guy Martin is your choice. Bagging the award for best airport restaurant in the World, in 2016, I love Paris restaurant in Charles de Gaulle is Chef Guy Martin’s prized child, and you can seek out the taste in Terminal 2E. Apart from this Charles de Gaulle, has numerous cafés, bistros, fast food corners and even a Starbucks Coffee and Macdonald’s for serving your cravings.

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Save the Walk

The sheer size of the Airport is miles long and this does not become an issue as Gaulle provides inter- terminal transportation, facilitated by Shuttles and Automatic Rail Service which connects passengers with TGV railway stations and car parks. RER B connects the airport with the City of Paris and passengers also have the facility to book licensed taxis and car rentals provided by the Airport authority itself, ensuring the safety of the passengers. Public transportation service helps connect the airport with destinations outside of Paris and can be accessed from Terminal2 C, D, E and F.

Away from hustle

Travelling for long hours can make you stressed out and it’s important to rest, away from all the hustle. YotelAir Paris Charles De Gaulle is located in Terminal2E and is accessible only by passengers travelling to and fro destinations, outside the European Union. The rooms can be rented for a full day or by the hour. It is quite modest and perfect for a layover. Hilton Charles De Gaulle and Citizen M are only a 5 min walking distance from Terminal 3 while the Sheraton Paris Hotel and Conference Hall is only 2 min away from Terminal 2. These hotels are linked with Shuttle services and offer the comfort expected on a layover; shuts you away from the routines of the airport and keep private. It is advisable to pre- book the rooms if you are travelling during the peak seasons.

Even though, Charles de Gaulle,  has been critiqued to offer only modest facilities when compared to other international airports around the world, a well-planned travel can take the stress and last minute hustle at the airport and make the experience quite memorable and worth your while.

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