Wellness trip for Weight loss and Detox

vivamayr altaussee

Advanced medical techniques, detoxification and bespoke meal plan add a uniqueness to the Vivamayr Altaussee Wellness Centre.

Nestled by the tranquil shores of Lake Altaussee and breathtaking scenery of the Austrian Alps, Vivamayr Altaussee combines one of the most advanced medical centres in the world with a modern and luxurious spa to provide a unique retreat for those looking for rest, relaxation and health.

vivamayr altaussee

Opened in 2015, Vivamayr Altaussee is one of the world’s leading luxury medical detoxification centres.

Combining the advanced modern international medicine with traditional healing methods, Vivamayr works with individual patients to develop a tailored detox and individual treatment programme designed to treat their specific health concerns.

Lead by Medical Director Dr. Sepp Fegerl, the highly experienced VIVAMAYR Altaussee medical team specialises modern Mayr medicine – a revolutionary natural cure based on intestinal cleansing that combines medical detox, individualised diets and holistic healing treatments to deliver a health transformation.

One of the known programs here is Vivamayr Weight loss which includes strict dietary regime and Vivamayr detox, which leads to weight loss. The Program is firmer, good for youthful skin, keeping the primary focus on achieving the best possible health for our patients.

vivamayr altaussee

Alternatively, indulge in Vivamayr Medicine Homeopathy by Dr. Fegerl who has introduced medication for chronic and rare diseases.  Such as isolated infections in the jaw bones, collapsed lungs, infertility, stubborn hidden allergies, and stress-related ailments, air pollution related illnesses, through to fertility issues and diabetes. His treatments also include chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic pain, burnout and heart disease and helps in energizing individuals.

The unique Alpine location of Altaussee is reflects the exclusive therapies available at the centre, where the pure mountain air and healing power of the near Glauber Salt Spring is harnessed in many of the signature treatments, including the Mineral Salt Treatment, Watsu Water Therapy, Micro Immune Therapy and Oxygen and Infusion Therapy.

vivamayr altaussee

Prices start from €225 per night for a single occupancy room, including individually devised or medically prescribed dietary cuisine based on the principles of modern Mayr medicine. Mineral water, all teas and the daily programme are all included in the price, though the individually prescribed programme of treatments is an additional cost. A stay of at least seven nights is recommended to see results from the programme.


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