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Scenic location, fine dwellings and an array of pampering and rejuvenating programs… the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Eastern Switzerland is the perfect getaway to revive and refresh your senses.

Preached atop the serene mountains of Eastern Switzerland, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is a pristine wellness and leisure getaway with an abundance of offerings for your wellbeing. Having discovered its roots from the century-old traditions, the resort provides a holistic and an interdisciplinary medical expertise to the patrons.

World-Class Amenities

The internationally acclaimed medical resort boasts its 17 clinic rooms, plus 267 luxury rooms including the classic and elegant Royal suites and the ultra-modern Presidential suites at the two five-star Grand Hotel Quellenhof & Spa Suites and Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz.

Moreover the majestic Grand Resort Bad Ragaz invites you to experience the range of culinary variety at their seven restaurants with a total of 59 GaultMillau points and 1 Michelin star, a bistro and a café.

The Medical Centre and the Thermal Spa together offers an extraordinary and authentic spa experience in its 36.5° C healing thermal water. The resort has formulated evidence-based medical treatments at the internationally renowned Medical Health Centre which includes programs like detoxification, weight loss, anti-aging and sleep diagnostic. The medical health coaching which is designed by Dr. ChristainHopp helps in achieving your ideal health, balancing the physiological parameters with stress management, Ragazer work-IT-out movement concept, Cuisine Équilibrée a nutritional concept and off course the five-star accommodation with the nature and fresh air playing a pivotal role.

Ragazer Detox

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The seven day long Ragazer Detox programme helps you boost your immune system and unlock new strength, energy and vitality through the targeted detoxification of your body. One week program which can be extended according to the need, you learn about the toxins, pollutants and environmental factors that affect your body and about what you can do on your own responsibility. The session expert using basic diagnostics like the patient medical history, status quo, comprehensive blood and urine analyses, and body fat measurement, identifies the pollutants and the number of pollutants in the body and guides you to take measures necessary to reduce them.

Simultaneously evaluating your current eating and drinking habits your detoxification diet is planned along with work-IT-out Pure Breath personal training session are done.

Ragazer Weight Loss

The Ragazer Weight loss programme is to achieve optimal body weight through exercise and a healthy diet while under a complete medical supervision. A comprehensive diagnosis is done of the patient keeping in mind the medical history which helps in determining how much fat one will ideally be able to reduce over a certain period of time. With the detailed examination specific goals are regarded which includes the diet and sports programme for short, medium or long-term. The diet includes the Cuisine Équilibrée, Winforce® starter package: whey protein isolate, L-carnitine and a mixture of multivitamins and minerals as a dietary supplement and 2 litres of Ragazer thermal water per day.

The programme promises reduction of body fat, both in absolute (in kg) and relative (in %) terms under normal conditions.

Ragazer Anti-Aging

A special programme at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz helps in slowing down the biological aging process and maintain a high quality of life with the right measures. In the four day session, you learn and understand the habits and behavior that could potentially shorten, or extend, your lifespan. Specialists at the centre determine how much your actual age differs from your biological age, and what you must do to increase your life expectancy as best as possible. The programme provides an extensive diet along with stay young sports sessions for a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep Diagnostics

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To stay balanced and healthy, one needs to strike a balance between being active, relaxing and maintaining a healthy diet. Here at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz with an extensive diagnostic procedure using video polysomnography records the medical specialist’s diagnosis everything that disturbs you during your sleep and enables a clear understanding on the basis of the results. The therapist based on the results provides personalized advice with the recommendation of possible therapy methods for lasting relief from your sleep problems along with 36.5° wellness programmes for relaxation vitality and balance.

In addition, the resort also boasts two golf courses, the Kur-saal business & Events Centre, the public Tamina Therme thermal spa and its own casino and a broad range of cultural activities- hiking, cycling, tennis, snowshoe hiking and cross-country skiing.



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