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Porini announces the launch of its newest camp, the Porini Cheetah Camp.

A new luxury safari is set in one of Kenya’s most beautiful Ol Kinyei conservancy to add to the collection of Porini.

Located close to the Olare Lemunyi watercourse, between the White Rock feature on the one hand and a marsh fed by a permanent underground spring that draws attention of the antelopes and zebras Porini Cheetah Camp is designed to maximize your wildlife experience.

Like the other Porini camps, the Porini Cheetah Camp too, is unfenced and located inside a private conservancy far from the usual safari crowds. It has just six spacious guest tents. The camp is entirely solar-powered and the comfortable tents have en-suite bathrooms with hot shower, flush toilet and water on tap. Qualified guides and spotters take clients on game drives and as the conservancy have a limited number of vehicles (1 vehicle to 1400 acres) and maximum of 1 tent to 700 acres of wilderness, off road driving and night drives are possible.

Adding to the classic adventure, the natural wonder await include waking with, bird chirping in the mornings and visit by animals like zebras, antelopes and you can also spot the cheetahs, which is main attraction here.

The Porini Safari Camps are environmentally-friendly Eco-Camps that have been established in exclusive Wildlife Conservancies and are carefully managed to ensure that local communities, the environment and visitors benefit from our Conservancy concept which Game watchers/Porini pioneered.

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Keeping in the mind guest the chef uses fresh ingredients to prepare high quality meals and even home-baked bread. Indian cuisine is available on request. Porini Cheetah Camp is fully-inclusive of meals, drinks- gin & tonics, wine, beer, soft drinks and mineral water- and activities including day and night game drives, sundowners and escorted walks.

The Porini Cheetah Camp will launch on June 1st and will be hosted by two wildlife enthusiast Jui and Nirmalya Banerjee.

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