Visa-on-arrival saves your last-minute travel plans

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Mesmerised with the idea of going abroad for a vacation but want to avoid the hassle of visa process? Worry not, because your Indian passport is strong enough to grant arrival into several countries without the requirement of a prior visa.

Getting a visa while traveling abroad is one of the most important and essential parts of your outbound holiday. With long-weekend around the corner, if you’ve still not planned your holiday and are keen on exploring a destination out of the country, the visa-on-arrival facility in some countries can be your savior. So, grab your passport, pack your bags, head to the airport and buy a ticket to any of these beautiful countries that you can visit on an impulse trip over the long weekend.

  1. Hong-Kong

hong kong @PeakLife

Markets, pubs, restaurants, glittering skyline and oodles of entertainment- Hong Kong is always buzzing with life. A visit to Hong Kong requires you to fill up an online form before your visit and it’s as easy as taking a quiz on Facebook. Disneyland Hong Kong is a much visit, along with Lantau Island. For shopping addicts, Ladies market and Temple Street market are the best places to go. You can extend your vacation for up to 14 days in this country. 

  1. Mauritius

mauritius @PeakLife

In need of a dose of sun and some fun? Then get on a sandy beach in Mauritius with its sparkling waters and laid back atmosphere. It offers on arrival for Indian nationals so all you need is your passport. What’s more, you can stay here for up to 60 days. When in Mauritius, don’t forget to try their scrumptious seafood and go to some of the best beaches in the world. To truly discover the beauty of Mauritius on your vacation, make sure to see some of the best sights it has to offer. Not just beaches, the island nation is home to rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and ample wildlife.

  1. Thailand

thailand @PeakLife

Everyone’s favorite, yes! Pristine beaches, fascinating nightlife, sumptuous food-Thailand has got it all. And what would it take to experience this beautiful country? A valid India passport!  Yes, for real. As soon as you reach Bangkok’s Airport, queue up at the visa-on-arrival counter and you’re sorted. Thailand is also one of the most popular honeymoon destinations for Indian couples. Soak in the sun-kissed beaches, get engulfed in the luscious Thai curries or enjoy the ambience of the amazing temples and palaces, Thailand will always be nice in your pocket! 

  1. Bhutan

bhutan @PeakLife

Visiting this country is the easiest for an Indian national. All you need is a valid Indian passport or your Election Commission ID Card along with two passport size photographs that can be used as your permit to explore this beautiful country.In Bhutan, check out the picturesque monasteries, the grand dzongs, and hills and valleys that will leave you enchanted. A visit to Bhutan is not complete without a trip to Paro Dzong, the most popular and picturesque piece of architectural brilliance. The Taktsang Monastery and the capital city of Thimphu are a must visit as well. 

  1. Seychelles

seychelles @PeakLife

Beautiful Seychelles is where you should head to when you want to get away from it all. Start your vacation without the headache of lining up at a visa office and continue in that spirit onto the idyllic island. Waiting for you are its peaceful beaches, bluest of blue waters and a dose of natural beauty that will make you wonder whether the maker has been fair to the rest of the world. From quiet beaches to lush green landscapes, this country is a natural wonder in itself.


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