Vintage Fashion Trends that are making a BIG Comeback

Surely if someone told you that your mom’s baggy-ratty old clothes and accessories would be “trendy” and “chic” in 2018, you would have laughed to their face. But the year is full of surprises and that brings us to the rebirth of these vintage clothing items and accessories, your parents probably owned.

You can never fully judge what’s in trend and what is a big no-no when it comes to fashion. Blame it on the social media influencers and fashion designers that always keep it dynamic. As the year started, social media was flooded with fashion looks that were heavily inspired by the 90s era, leaving people perplexed as to what modern fashion has brought in for them now. So, pull out your mom’s old wardrobe, because PEAKLIFE brings to you the list of vintage clothing that is causing frenzy in the fashion world!

Roll in your Mom Jeans, it’s about time

Praise the Lord! This comfy pair of jeans is back in trend! The millennials are going all in for it; pairing it with crop tops and t-shirts, mom jeans are the perfect pair to beat summer heat with style. This airy, comfortable, cotton denim jeans set beautifully on the waist and gives you a modern and chic look without seeming baggy. Fashion bloggers are going all out with creating street-looks that involve this item accessorised with belts and classic sneakers, and what can we say, we love it!

Combat boots, back with a bang

There was a time when men and women used to dress similarly, like a fashion crossover. And that is how Doc martens came into existence. These heavy duty, leather combat boots were a part of the everyday look in the 90s. But it wasn’t up until recently that these boots came in trend again and swept the fashion world yet again. Now people are pairing it with dresses, skirts, jeans and what not. Practically, it may seem ridiculous to wear heavy, worker style boots with dresses, but if you’re able to carry it the way it is supposed to be, you will look funky, stylish, and hip for the crowd.

Oversized shirts for the win

Over the last decade or so, it was basically a sin to wear anything loose or baggy. Anything that did not hug your body tightly or was “too baggy”, was simple discarded. Now roll back to the 90s, you would find people wearing items that used to fell loosely on their bodies; be it loose shirts, boyfriend t-shirts and they were oh so comfortable. Cut back to the present times, this trend is back in action and we are all here for it! Oversized shirts are no longer a thing of past and are totally a piece of fashion statement. Paired with skinny jeans and classic colour block sneakers, this look is modern, classy, and so comfortable, you could sleep in it.

Round glasses, a radical comeback

What was once considered nerdy and silly, these glasses are the best example of how one should never make judgements too quickly. Round rimmed glasses are the new trend setter and fashion favourite of young adults. If you want to join the 90s groovy era, without fully being out there, opt for the round glasses look which will for sure make you stand out from the crowd, but very subtly.

Bag packs are cool again

Gone are the days when carrying a bag pack made you seem geeky and too “un-cool for the school”. Bag packs are the new daily essential and one of the main highlights of an everyday look. Single shoulder purses and bags are slowly dimming down, and the craze of bag packs is back in limelight. With the launch of bag packs from luxury brands like Gucci, and Ted Baker, this new era is all about comfort combined with the looks that make it a fan favourite accessory.

Athleisure- track pants with a twist

Why were track pants ever out of fashion? This comfy piece of clothing was one of the main donned in look of the past. But we do get why they were suddenly confused with nightwear items. Being loose, thin and did we mention ‘comfortable’? Track pants soon went out of fashion because on compared to night suits. But don’t you worry, they are back and are here to stay! With a slight twist in the basic design, many brands have transformed the way we wear track pants. With better quality cloth used to make the item, these pants are now quite distinctive from your average night garments and no one can ever confuse this easy breezy trend with your typical track pants.

Dungarees for days

No, they don’t make you look childish. Fashion influencers have finally given thumbs up to this classic fashion piece that was probably one of the most commonly worn 90s clothing item. You could easily find a picture of your mom or dad from their childhood, rocking the dungarees. And now these are back in trend! What a way to take a trip down the memory lane. Wear it over tank tops or oversized t-shirts, the look will for sure swoon you and others over.


Now that these vintage trends are back in demand and action, why not take risks and try these trendy items yourself and maybe attempt to make even more classic items, a thing for the present generation.


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