Turkish motifs to replace the décor

luxury decor

A world of inspiration from the Turkish elements, Address Home brings much more to instigate the beauty of homes

With the philosophy, “A home should be so much more than just a dwelling” the Address Home has introduced contemporary and signature designs.

The myriad colors in this new bouquet of products by Address Home add color to any type of setting and the special digitally printed cushions inspired by beautiful Turkish carpets bring the festivities into your linens.

The collection is inspired from Tribal-influenced Turkoman pieces and elegant curve-linear patterns of Ottoman palaces characterized by small octagons.  These frequently include geometric patterns, distributed over the field in a regular manner.  Enclosed shapes, tribal motifs and color blocking, together define this collection.

The special collection includes pillow fabric designed with multicolored intricate silk thread embroidery; hand embellishments and computer quilting are used as the surface techniques for this flamboyant collection.  In addition to it velvet, paper silk and diagonal weave linen form the base fabric across all the pieces.

The collection is all about a modern rendition with contemporary colors. Together with the colour theme like Dark Teal and Bordeaux Red dominating with autumnal shades of Ochre, Flaming Oranges and Burnt Black that together bring out the Persian touch in the fabric.

Style this saturated collection with neutrals & whites to balance the colors. Add bold sculptures like the White Glossy Bull, Taureus; or add other organic elements like a floral white votive or white crane lily and Orchid. Agate white acrylic multi-utility box works very well on side tables of a living room. Yellow Ochre highlights through some bold accents like the Floret decor jar or the Orbit amber vase, also work beautifully well in bringing out the Turkish festive colors of the collection.


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