Tricks to help you stick to your New Year Resolutions

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Let this new year begin on a positive note as you work out a regimen to stick to your new year resolutions. Here’s a list of tricks you can try adapting…

2018 is almost here, and that means it’s time for the annual ritual of setting your New Year’s Resolutions.These resolutions are goals or promises that people make for the New Year, to try and make their upcoming year better in some way. About 80% of people are known to give up on their new year resolution by or before the end of the first month itself, and the others fizzle off their resolution in the days to come.

But in 2018, we are more determined than ever to make your new year’s resolution come about. So, we’ve figured out a plan to help you stick to the resolutions you make.

Start with setting easy resolutions:

Brainstorm about changes and improvements you’d like to make and it won’t work if you want to change your life or your lifestyle. Instead pick specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, trackable goals and place small, incremental goals within larger attainable goals.

Plan and move taking small steps:

Researching your goals can make you many steps closer to success. Planning and scheduling small steps towards goals is a key to success. Read up on goals whether it’s quitting smoking, taking up running or yoga or becoming vegan there are books and internet to help you prepare for it. At last get everything ready and you will go smoothly through your goals.

Be honest and committed:

This is important because setting an unrealistic goal and failing is worse than setting a realistic goal and honestly chasing it irrespective of in-between problems. One does the best when the goals are linked to someone else. Joining a group with others who share the same goal provides both support and accountability. So, be honest; be committed and goals will come running towards you.

Talk and gain suggestions:

This step is very important because discussing your goals and why you made them with your family and friends can help you to stay focused and evaluates methods for improvement.It’s even better for your progress if you find someone who has the same resolution.

Remember the goal:

People tend to forget about your goals at times. So, remind yourself of your goals by writing them and when you put pen to paper and write down your New Year’s resolutions, you automatically turn your thoughts into something tangible.

Motivate and reward yourself:

Daily inspiration and motivation can help you stay focused on meeting your goal. Anything that gives you a boost of confidence and helps encourage you to make positive changes will do the trick and reading success stories regarding your resolution can give you real-time applications to gain success. Staying motivated requires a little incentive and small rewards are a great encouragement to keep you going during the hardest first days. After that, you can probably reward yourself once a week with whatever makes you tick.

Track your Progress:

It can be hard to maintain your motivation and dedication to making a change in your life when you can’t see immediate results for your efforts. So, at each point of your journey towards your goal to keep a track over your success and progress because documenting at least one thing every single day in the journey for which you feel grateful and keeping note of this will help you to stay grounded and motivated with your goals.



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