Trending home décor trends


Here are five ideas of how we can reinvent our house décor to make it look like the one we dream of.

Summer brings with a freshness that makes it the best season to re-style your home. Some trendy ideas to recreate the look and décor of your home will not only gear up the big makeover of your house but would rather add some life in your home.

Here is the round up of some summer décor trends you should watch out for in the year 2018.

Color Pops

One of the most impactful trends noted this year is the use of pop color. A blend of all the bright colors and strong shades projects the feeling of positivity and excitement in your house.

Gold that glitters

Softer than silver, gold brings a sense of elegance and class together and for a subtle, sophisticated look, and replacing silver as the most trending color last year, gold acts as the key color for your house décor this summer.

Floral Prints

floral print

Be it a cushion or a curtain, floral prints have taken a center stage in home décor.To bring in a colorful touch, it’s easy to add this in your house and create a beautiful look of your house décor.

Grey base Sofas

You sofa sets make a major part of your living area and grey colored sofas are in the trend which gives an artistic and luxurious look to your living hall décor.

Back to Romanticism

Your bedroom is your zone of comfort and going soft is a great idea to find time in your bedroom and relax.  Colors like ruby red, caramel, raspberry pink have been trending and what could be better than to find your bedroom that gives a feeling of love.

Tropical Richness In Your Bathroom

To adopt a tropical centric lightning in your bath area is always a good idea for a feeling that is soothing, serene and sophisticated. A tropical sense lighting in your bathroom will take you back to a sense of being on a beach, or a little bit of Asian style. With the use of green mosaic tiles, stone bathroom appliances and green pots everywhere will anyway create the tropical richness in your bathrooms.

Style it Rustic this Summer

To give your house a vintage style setting, you can use a blend of natural materials and weathered woods endured in a rustic style. This technique will help give your house a rustic appeal that is alluring and help scale-up the subtle elegance of the space.


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