Top Places To Visit In Cotentin

Top Places To Visit In Cotentin

Top tourist spots to visit in Cotentin

So far Normandy has mainly been promoted as a historical war destination focusing on D-Day Landing beaches, war-cemeteries and World-War Museums. But this is just one aspect of what Normandy offered before.

There is the immaculately preserved natural beauty of the peninsula with its protected heritage sites, middle-aged castles and unique food culture. It’s the little things; that most travellers look for.

Everywhere you go is a sight to behold, but some of these mentioned here is a must to be included in one’s itinerary.

  1. Watch sunrise and sunset

1_A common morning sky in CotentinReach early at Saint Vaast La Hougueto see a beautiful sunrise, book a seaside resort benefiting from a mild and pleasant climate. Situated on the west coast of the Cotentin peninsula, Barneville-Carteret is a very pleasant family seaside resort with its special setting, its beautiful sandy beach, its lively fishing and sailing port, and its Douaniers footpath which takes walkers around Carteret cape. Carteret is a great place to spend evening and watch sunset.

  1. Getting lost in the wild Biville Dunes

2_Biville DunesThanks to the expanse of fine sand and the dunes which surrounds the Biville. The beautiful naturally protected heritage site is 125 meters above sea level and offers a panoramic view of the cove of Vauville. It’s one of the hangout places for surfers, and covers the approximately 200 hectares of the dunes. One can also see the amazing view of the Channel Islands by clear sky.

  1. Hangout at Cap de la Hague


The La Hague area has granite and gneiss cliffs, several coves and small fields surrounded by hedges. The Hague in Cotentin has many attractions and stunning scenery that attracts many tourists each year. One can relax and enjoy many activities such as horse riding, boat, and cycling. Explore the unusual natural beauty of dunes, beaches and cliffs that make up the richness of its landscape. Feel the spray of the rough sea during a winter storm in Cap de la Hague is an amazing experience.

  1. Go hiking

4_HikingGo hiking on the historical Smugglers Tracks along the cliffs and coastline off the Channel Islands.Winding your way on foot through the green valleys and Anglo-French style villages is the perfect way to catch Channel’s essence and visit some of the splendid attractions. The lower lying south to south west coast will tempt you with waterfront and beach vistas, usually filled with colourful floral displays.

  1. Enjoy the music festival At Tatihou Island

5_music festivalAll in all a genius festival with a unique atmosphere! If you are sometime at the right time near, do not hesitate make your way to Tatihou. Every year a musical festival is organised here at the Tatihou Island, and only way to reach this island is a ’boat’ – which is a tourist highlight of the town – with three wheels can either carry you over the water to the island, or at low tide can drive over a path without any water under it. It is a special experience to sit in a boat without any water around.The whole festival is very much a family affair – many children attend the festival – the ‘journey to the island Tatihou’ is surely a great adventure for them.

  1. Gateville lighthouse

6_The third highest lighthouse in the world, Gateville, which is still activeClimb 365 stairs and 52 floors of the 18th century Gateville lighthouse – also third highest lighthouse in the world – for a stunning view of land and sea.TheGateville lighthouse took 5 years to be built under Charles X, building of this “stone altar” required11,000 hand-carved granite blocks. All the stones, stacked without scaffolding, weigh 7,400 tons.

  1. Kayaking at Cotentin Marshes

If you’re adventurer, kayaking with the seals in the Cotentin Marshes, is truly awe-inspiring experience.This tour leads you through the creeks to reveal what curiosities the marsh has to offer and is geared toward those who are looking to get a little exercise.

  1. Visiting Cité de la Mer

8_FultonNautilusApart from food and beaches, tourists have the chance to step inside an actual nuclear submarine at the Cite De La Mer – a maritime museum built to showcase Cherbourg’s nautical achievements.Visiting Cité de la Mer and experiencing an adventure under the sea onboard a real nuclear submarine is truly breathe taking.

9.Feasting on oysters at Barfleur

9_The seaside picturesque vilage of Barfleur, which has been awarded the title of one of the most beautiful villages in FranceFood tourism is a massive business today and here we have the freshest seafood and vegetables available all year round. Tourists can experience Cotentin’s famous Blue Lobster or oysters thanks to one of the longest coastlines in France. Also visit, Barfleur, one of the most beautiful villages in France to eat oysters and fresh seafood.




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