Tips to make the most of your first spa visit

First Spa visit lead

A day at the spa is the ultimate relaxation experience. Many luxury hotels in India provide a spa for your indulgence and well being. The main idea is to provide you relaxation and rejuvenation of the senses. These luxury-laden spas provide facials, body wraps and massages for the visitor. You can choose the treatment which will meet your personal preferences and body needs. There are things you need to be aware of and questions to ask which will give you the ultimate experience.

Integration of Healthy Activities and Habits into Travel

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There are much negative travel-related health impacts such as poor sleep, disruption of exercise and healthy eating and jet lag.  There is a growing trend to incorporate healthy activities to counteract these.  Those who look for wellness experiences as part of the trip account for 87% of wellness tourism and 84% of the cost.

To Benefit from The Indian Spa Service Be Prepared.

Watch What You Eat

Avoid heavy meals, alcohol, and caffeine. If you are too full or excited, you may not be able to get comfortable and relaxed.
Go Lightly Eat a light meal.  You can bring a snack with you and eat a piece of fruit at the spa. This will elevate your blood sugar after your treatment.
Clean Up Have a hot or warm shower before the  Body massage.  This will help to open the muscles.
Stretch It Out Before a body, massage does some light stretching exercises.
Take It Easy After spending time at the spa avoid strenuous activities.  You may feel lightheaded.
Be Open Minded Facials and Massages are therapeutic.  If you are prepared they will be relaxing too.

Spa Etiquette

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Turn Off Your Mobile Phone – most spas won’t permit you to bring your phone.  They are a distraction, and they impede your relaxing experience.

Arrive on Time – It is better to arrive a little early to:

  • Complete paperwork on the first visit
  • Get a tour of the facilities.
  • Enjoy the amenities such as a hot tub or steam room. (inquire about amenities when making an appointment).
  • Change into your spa attire (robe).

Speak Up About What You Want – Your Comfort Is Important.

  • A male or female therapist.
  • Less or more pressure.
  • Quieter music.
  • If you are cold a blanket
  • Turning table warmer off if you are hot.

Talking During Treatment – The therapist should follow your lead. You can either be still or talk. It is your choice.

The Indian Head Massage is related to the ancient Ayurvedic form of healing.  It goes back 4000 years. The head massage provides relaxation, physical harmony, healing, and vitality.  It is becoming very popular in the west.

Many luxury hotels in India are part of the Indian Spa Service which is in line with the popular global wellness economy.  When you visit a spa be prepared and ask questions to ensure that it is a satisfying experience.


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