This Ten-Forward vodka is made in space

What if we tell you there’s vodka available in the market that has reached where “no man has ever gone before”? Silver Screen Bottling Company offers you a chance to get your hands on their latest creation and flaunt it to all the booze-hounds!

Silver Screening Bottling Company on a partnership with Star Trek has decided to launch special edition vodka that quite literally goes above and beyond to match up to its claims.

According to the company’s official website, a small batch of vodka will be sent into mesosphere using a high-altitude balloon and the entire procedure will be documented with photo evidence to keep the customers updated on their Instagram for proof before it is blended in with its terrestrial brethren. As land from space, this grain spirit will be carefully protected and blended into the stocks of Ten Forward Vodka insuring that every bottle contains some portion brewed in space. Distilled six times from American grain and filtered through hardwood charcoal, this vodka is soft and delicate enough to drink straight or can be mixed with your favourite cocktail to add that extra bit of tang. This specially crafted vodka is for every Star Trek fanatic and for any vodka connoisseur who likes to take pride n their knowledge over the subject.

As per the sources, the taste of the vodka will not change because of its reach to space; the whole procedure is to add a quality that will differentiate it from any regular vodka and to highlight the measures taken to bring this particular drink available at your doorstep. Trying to sell the experience, the company aims to target audience from different genres, whether they are drinkers or collectors or just movie-enthusiasts in general. What makes this more special is the fact that the bottle is originally designed by Michael Okuda, who is a well known Star Trek artist!

Now available to pre-order from their official website at a cost of $30, the product will be set to ship following its space vodka-blending, in September. So get in line to make sure you get your hands on this special edition booze that you can proudly flaunt as a “space drink” to your friends.


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