This new luxury hotel is in the middle of an Alaskan Glacier

Luxury hotel in Alaskan Glacier @PeakLife

Amidst miles of mountains and ice, sits a small structure which is now a luxury hotel. Step into the Sheldon Chalet hotel for an experience of a lifetime!

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind holiday this year, then how does sleeping in a chalet located within an icy glacier sound?

Hotel in Glacier @PeakLife

The Sheldon Chalet sits on a 4.9-acre rock and ice covered outcrop called a ‘nunatak’ that is owned by the Sheldon family. It is located at 5,800 feet elevation in the middle of the Don Sheldon Amphitheatre of Denali’s mighty Ruth Glacier. As you can imagine it’s very snowy and cold up there, but the chalet itself is very cozy and snug – and the views are out of this world.

The beautiful hotel, which is located only 10 miles from North America’s highest mountain, Denali, sleeps up to 10 guests in five rooms, so it’s perfect for a big group of friends or a large family.

Hotel in Alaskan Glacier @PeakLife

The beautiful fireplace in the living room keeps the Chalet lit with a warm glow, but if that’s not hot enough, you can always head to hotel’s sauna. To top off the luxury, when guests arrive they are greeted with platters of Alaskan seafood and Champagne. If you are a bit of a foodie, you can even request to have private chefs prepare your food throughout the day.

The Sheldon Chalet will not only be a premier destination for adventure seekers, but also culinary explorers. Outdoorsy types can get out and bout for sledding, snow cave exploring, hiking, skiing, and many adventure sports.

Luxury evening in Alaskan Glacier Hotel @PeakLife

Where the old mountain house is basic and rugged in its accommodations, The Sheldon Chalet is the epitome of luxury. An inevitable part of an overnight stay in the wilderness, and particularly in the mountains, is what happens when nature calls.

Opening in February 2018, this Sheldon Chalet is the vision of Alaskan pioneers, Don and Roberta Sheldon. The location was discovered by legendary glacier pilot Don Sheldon who claimed the land more than 60 years ago while mapping the Alaska Range with Brad Washburn. Previously accessible only to experienced mountain climbers, visitors can now enjoy true luxury in the middle of an icy paradise retreat.

The Chalet’s all-inclusive rate($2300 Nightly) includes accommodations, food and beverage, sauna access and a ‘flightseeing’ tour while in transit to and from the hotel. The Sheldon Chalet is only accessible by air.Part of the experience of staying at the Chalet is the flightseeing adventure from Anchorage or Talkeetna.

The Chalet is also a complete digital detox as there is no mobile phone signal within the glacier – but we are sure this place is so extraordinary that you won’t get cabin fever.


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