First Class Experience that you can afford

First Class Experience that you can afford

Aura, America’s first luxurious flight experience in 2019 is all set to be launched by ZED aerospace to give you the most cosy experience.

In the most affordable price, ZED aerospace is all set to launch AURA, which is American’s first luxurious flight experience in 2019 with comfortable reclining seats, and beautiful interior design that makes the flight experience more than a luxury.

To balance the gap between the commercial flights and private jets, Aura offers its passengers the most luxurious experience at affordable price between small private airports of large U.S. cities like Miami, New York city, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Denver.

Swiss- designed Bombardier CRJ-700 aircrafts reveal seats styled like armchairs, with plenty of elbow and leg room and the seats recline almost all the way back.

There are two types of services available like the First class that will feature only 21 seats, where as in Wave class, the passengers will have the experience of flying by a private jet. Amenities and features include high-speed WiFi, complimentary iPads, HD IMAX –style screens and virtual reality headsets.

You can secure plane fares at fixed rates, and to be an aura member, you can pay. Non-members can book the flights too.


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