This brand is hotter than Louis Vuitton and Hermes

Goyard Lead

The name of this two-century-old Parisian brand may not ring a bell the way other luxury fashion houses do, but Goyard has become a status symbol amongst the wealthy because of its elusiveness. The prime strategy leading Goyard to success is silence. Goyard refrains from advertising, celebrity endorsements, and e-commerce; hardly ever grants interviews, and very occasionally makes products available to the mass market.

House of Goyard, the French luxury house has become one of the most desirable brands in the luxury biz and has been on the radar of the ultra-rich for many years. It has become easily recognizable with its chevron-printed canvas and leather travel goods. Turns out, a sealed lip tactic is the best way to build their buzz. Goyards demand has been increased by the mystery that revolves around the brand. The brand gives a sense of exclusivity to people. It is a brand whose heritage and allure is based on discretion, garnering its business solely through the word-of-mouth of its influential clients. Iconic brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes may have a well-established prestige, but in the world of the elite, they’ve got nothing on Goyard.

The signature Y print

Goyard Bag

The most recognizable thing about Goyard is its monogram print, and unlike most designers Goyard doesn’t use its first initial to structure the pattern. Instead, the Y’s that are interlocked on Goyardine (the brand’s signature coated fabric) is the name’s central letter, and the piled dots that construct it are a symbol of the Goyard family history as log-drivers.

Personalization at its best

Goyard case

Back in the day, the brands’ bag were made by the signature print being hand applies on the bag’s canvas. Now the same process is achieved through mechanized etching and layering of dye, but personalization which can be achieved by paying an extra fee are still hand-painted by a Goyard artisan in one of the house’s handful of global ateliers: Beverly Hills, New York, Mexico, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Brazil or Carcassone, France.

Nothing sold online!

Goyard Pen

The brand only has four product categories such as travel goods, men’s and women’s handbags and accessories, pet accessories and special orders and none of those are available for purchase on your computer, either from the brand itself or from authorized third party retailers. You can buy Goyard products online, but only via email. In other words, you’ve got to email them directly with your enquiries, and someone from the Paris HQ will reply you, along with prices and shipping costs.

Goyard has not yet made its products available in India. Goyard stores are currently available in Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, Brazil, Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Mexico, Carcassone, France, and Beverly Hills. If you wish to stand out from the crowd of the luxury-laden ones, look out for this one.


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