Top 5 Bizarre Apps on Play Store

From apps that are funny to disgusting, Playstore has a variety of bizarre apps that make you wonder why were they ever created? Here’s a list of some of our favorite pointless apps.

A lot of apps today rank between being just downright funny and stupid. For instance, did you know that there’s an app that lets you play a game where you can pop virtual pimples? And let’s face it, even if these apps are not useful and make your friends roll their eyes, you’ll have to admit that they’re funny, and engaging at the same time! So, we’ve taken the liberty of finding the world’s most bizarre apps that tech world has on offer.



Have you ever had the overwhelming urge to spoon with a complete stranger in a public place? We’ll take that silence as resounding maybe!Cuddlr is a location-based app that finds people in the immediate vicinity who are ready to have a “platonic” cuddle with you.Users are shown a picture and a name of their curl-up buddies. People uninterested in dating or relationships will actually enjoy having a way to experience a connection with someone.


Demotivational Pics

With over 100k downloads, this app has a hilarious collection of demotivational pictures, which can help in turning your day from bad to worse. Updating with a daily dose of demotivational pictures, it has a set of horribly tedious and demoralizing images.

Pimple Popper

Did your mother ever stop you from bursting your pimple as it would leave a scar?Plus, are the 2017’s trending pimple popper videos grossing you out? Here’s an app to take this gross act to the next level. Pimple Popper ensures that the younger generation won’t have to endure this anguish onto themselves, by allowing them to get their pimple-popping hit from a free app.The combination of jazzy music and animated face is enticing enough to try this one out, at least once.


Throwy Phone Extreme!

Would you dare to throw your phone for fun? Well, there’s an app game that asks users to throw their phone in the air, to see how high they can throw it.

Beware! This might be the last game you’ve ever played on your smartphone. Throwy Phone Extreme is a sports game where users compete against others around the world to see how high their phones can fly. The phone registers the height achieved; collecting points along the way, and of course, closer to heaven, the better.

Virtual Beer

This is bizarre. Why would you pretend to drink beer when you could just go somewhere and have one? However, this is a fun app which changes your phone screen into the virtual glass, into which you will be able to pour your favorite drink. Realistic animation of foam and the effect of releasing bubbles will let you prank your friends easily. Tilt your phone as if you were to drink a beer down and the golden booze will decrease and finally it will disappear. Don’t worry! You can pour another glass of beer anytime you want with the help of this app. Weird, right?

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