The Other: Stories of difference by Paro Anand

With the launch of Paro Anand’s new book, The other: Stories of difference, she will take you on a dark yet uplifting, unflinching and deeply positive journey. The stories are a searing portrayal of the minds of today’s teenagers.

Award-winning writer Paro Anand has recently introduced her new book, The other – Stories of difference where she has exposed the secrets, sorrows and the courage that are a part of youths life.

Paro Anand

A fearless writer with a big heart is one of India’s top writers for children and young adults. She works and writes extensively about young people in difficult circumstances. Former president of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam and the Russian centre for science and culture has awarded her.

The Other: Stories of difference

The story is about a girl dealing with grief; another who is witness of a horrible assault on a women in broad daylight; a boy who pushes himself to the brink of extension; teenagers coming to the terms with their otherness. In Paro Anand’s The Other: Stories of difference, every reader will find a fragment of themselves in the stories and will be enforced to examine their actions and inactions.

It is a book every young adult must read.


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