The only active volcano in India

Interesting facts you should know about Volcano in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman Islands are always known as the exotic destination for tourist with abundant to explore, the flora and fauna, historic places, and adventures treks to jungles and turquoise waters. With the recent update of volcanic eruption in the islands you can—set your sights to the adventurous trip to Andaman.

Only volcano in India

Barren Island is located 140 km away from the capital city Port Blair of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is the only Active Volcano in India.

Why only in Andaman Islands

Well, the Barren Island is located in the Burma- India tectonic Plates, which is known for the tectonic movements and belongs to the range of volcano from Ring of Fire.


No Life at Barren

As the name says Barren, the Island has no vegetation.

You can visit the Active Volcano

You can travel to Barren Island via local boats with the permission of the Forest department. The photo opportunity, meanwhile, can be little difficult but from a safe distance.


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