The Enchanting towns

Let’s disconnect from the crowd and get in the midst of historic villages of France.

 When we think of France, we think of the artistic legacy of Paris, or relishing the legendary cuisine at Provence, or shooting in the glamorous world of Riviera. Why not go off track & explore the countryside of France. Here’s a list for your next vacation to France.


Bounded by vineyards, nestling in a fold of green hills, Eguisheim is a medieval village whose narrow, concentric streets highlight the architectural merits of its half-timbered houses, lovingly decorated with flowers. One can explore the unique village: with historic fountains, rustic tithe manors and a 13th century yellow sand stone church with ‘Vierge Ouvrante’ statue of mother Mary. Fall in love with the personality of this most typical Alsace village. Admire the broad spectrum of its coloured houses, where ancient inscriptions can be deciphered on the stone lintels. Eguisheim is the perfect base for a food-and-drink trip, with more than 30 of the top wine producers represented in the village and a Michelin-starred restaurant. One should take the ‘the Alsace wine route’ and discover the villages and vineyards of the region.


Nested in the middle of vineyards, olive grove and almond trees Lourmarin is one of the most beautiful villages in France. With numerous cafe terraces, restaurants and boutiques, Lourmarin attracts many visitors. The village here depicts typical Mediterranean architecture in its winding narrow streets, lovely old restored houses, and well shaded public squares where you can immerse yourself in the pleasing Provençal ambience. One can also treat one’s eyes to the peculiar stairs at 15th century castle.


Vienne is a historian’s dream, and every street takes you to yet another ancient church, another austere Roman ruin, or another postcard-perfect view of crumbling walls and sloped roofs. With several important religious monuments in Vienne the old town contains a number of medieval and balconied houses, typically built in the 16th and 17th centuries. The 13th century former cathedral of Saint Maurice combines both roman and gothic styles. The stonework and carvings of the facade and the biblical characters represented in the capital stones inside the cathedral are among the highlights.


The little Breton town of Rochefort-en-Terre is located 35 kilometers east of Vannes, on a rocky hill surrounding the valley of Gueuzon. With different architectural styles cohabiting: half-timbered houses, gothic monuments, Renaissance hotels and 19th Century’s architecture Stone. Get lost in the quaint squares and the mansions that are standing since the Medieval, the streets of Roquefort-en-Terre are dotted with artists and craftsmen. One must also take a look at the artisan biscuit makers.


Located in the alpine, with attractive woods, surrounding the Lake d’ Annecy, the city of Annecy is a fairy tale land. The town’s quaint medieval quarter is a delightful place to wander around. Picturesque water channels and cobblestone streets invite a leisurely stroll, while small foot bridges and arcaded streets add to the charm. Rue Sainte-Claire is an arcaded street with houses of the 16th-18th centuries. Along the beautiful shores of the lake there are beautiful villages namely Menthon, Talloires, Saint-Jorioz which you should not miss when you visit here.


Enjoy the Dior’s haute couture in Granville, marvel at Picasso’s sculptures in Rouen or Shop in Honfleur.  Normandy is a city of celebration for Art and food lovers, architecture enthusiasts. A key stop-off for sea and river cruises, UNESCO city Le Havre is a picture perfect countryside. Paradoxically Camembert cheese is the known as the epitome of French refinement, and in last two centuries Normandy is considered as the gastronomic heritage. Visit to the Maison Du Camembert is a must where you can indulge in plenty of cheese and learn everything about Camembert, from the history to the making process.

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