The Corsican Culinary

The Corsican Culinary

The Corsican way of living is said to be of food, drink and produce of land. Discover about the cuisine of Corsica, the palatable recipes passed from generation to generations. 

The mountain islands of Corsica are home to cuisine influenced by French, Italian, and Mediterranean and very much of its own. The region boasts of its delicacies with earthy style cooking style of fresh sea-food, cured meat, vegetables and cheese.

Corsicans, just as the French, pay great attention to detail and are serious about their food. It is quiet common for the locals to take three course meals with their Corsican wines.
The dominant ingredients, which add flavor to almost all their ‘Plats’ are charcuterie of islands domesticated pigs, chestnuts, cheese, olive oil and wine.
While in Corsica, the best way to enjoy the local cuisine is by indulging in the local dishes and savory flavors of the city, through an insight guide of the typical cuisine.

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Start your day by having your fill of hot drinks and taking your pick from cheeses, cold meats, quiches, tarts, and fresh fruit. Do not forget to try out the French favorite, Croque monsieur, a fried sandwich made with Ham, Gruyére cheese accompanied with béchamel sauce.

The lunch has starter of cheese skewers, charcuterie and tapenade along with other fruits and vegetables. A burst of rich flavors Veau aux olives-a slow cooked stew, flavor-full with tender leaves, olives, tomatoes, and herbs, as well as a generous dash of rosé wine. A Corsican lamb with Agneau Corse a slow roasted with garlic cloves, fresh rosemary and potatoes, marking it as one of the traditional dishes of the city.
Corsican Cuisines have an impressive range of savoury in their list. Corsican tit-bit recipes like the Short crust pastry, Spinach tarts etc. are common snacks made with the Chestnut flour common to Corsicans.

In its extravagant dining experience, try out the Civet de Sanglier (Wild boar casserole), which is one of the major signature dishes of Corsica. It is a grande casserole with the sporty flavor of boar, mixed with onions, carrots, garlic, chestnuts, and their marked red wine, adding their signature twists to the dishes.

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Sheep milk cheeses with chestnuts and chestnut beer are also some must try delicacies while in the city.

Having no experience in Corsican culinary this will be an interesting experience with succulent meals and fresh flavors from this amazing island.

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