The correct way of drinking whiskey

Although there is no particular way to drink whiskey, you can have it anyway you like, there is definitely a wrong way to drinking your whiskey. PEAKLIFE brings to you 5 tips to enjoy your whisky better.

Drink whiskies at their particular temperatures

Not everyone knows that whiskies have a particular temperature at which they have to be served. Different whiskies taste better under different temperatures.

Certain whiskies taste best chilled while some taste better at room temperature. Ask your bartender to serve the whiskey at the temperature that works best for the label.

Old is gold

With age comes wisdom and character or so the people who make up these sayings would want us to believe. That’s definitely true when it comes to whisky. The older the whiskey, the better it tastes. Just like the phrase ‘Old is Gold’ stands true for wine, it stands true for whiskey too. Young whisky has less oak dominance; having spent less time in the barrel you can really taste the grains.

Next time if you order whiskey, try the oldest in the lot!

Nosing your whiskey makes it better

Whiskey and Wine are similar in more ways than one. Just like smelling your wine before sipping it makes it taste better, the same goes for whiskey. This is called ‘nosing.’

Now for a warning: Whiskey ranges from 40-50% alcohol (sometimes more), and it can burn the inside of your nose if you’re not careful. Keeping your lips parted as you sniff will save you from the sting.

Swirl your drink and slowly smell its components. Smell is actually an indicator than taste of the flavors present in the whiskey. It even changes the way you taste it.

Water is your whiskies friend

Despite contrary belief, mixing whiskey with a little bit of water makes it taste all the more better. When judiciously applied, whiskey and water can play well together. The best way to appreciate whiskey is to add a few drops of water to bring the alcohol level down to 30-35%. Scientifically, bringing down the alcohol content just slightly enhances the flavors of your whiskey.

Different occasions call for different labels

We’re in the golden age of the golden nectar. International competitions and respected critics offer a point of entry, but preference and individual taste remains king when it comes to selecting your preferred drop of whisky.


When it comes to whiskey, always choose a label based on diversity of distillations, flavors, blends, etc. Some whiskeys taste best with chocolate, others with mushrooms, cheese or meats.

To learn more about this you can attend select whiskey tastings where chefs and experts actually help you test out different flavors and palates.


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