The best smart-speaker picks for you!

The best smart-speaker picks for you!

From giving us our daily news feed and to telling us the time when we need to know. It can also control smart home devices which can make our life much easier.


Powered by google, this is one of the smartest device powered by the best in line ‘Google- Assistant’. One of the best smart speakers in the market right now, this has an amazing detail to sound and looks good. The entire finishing is on the stealthier side and it’s amazing at taking commands even from long ranges/ across the room. It only weighs 173gms. You can get the weather, ask for directions, know expected travel time, get your itinerary for the day, control your smart home devices, and listen to music. This is one of the best smart speakers in the caetegory.


The trendsetter for smart speakers in India is Amazon. The echo dot is same as the home mini but instead of Google assistant, its powered by Alexa- Amazon’s own proprietary AI system. The speaker sports a 7-microphone system which is excellent at receiving sounds even from far distances. It does the same job as the home mini does, but its not as smart as the mini is. Its because Google is the leading giant developer in the world. You can order stuff from Amazon and know its status through Alexa. You’ll find more features if you’re and prime subscriber.


This is a third-party manufacturer which uses Amazon’s Alexa as its voice. Its way better sounding and feature rich speaker than the Amazon Alexa. It can do everything which Alexa can do but the sound quality index here is best in class. One can experience a room filling, dynamic sound experience whilst using it. Its lighter than the home mini and Alexa. It’s definitely  a smart pick if you want to go cheaper and have better Alexa experience.


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