The 5 most extraordinary hotels in Arizona

Even your sleep becomes an adventure, here at Arizona

Surrounded by the striking panorama of mountain and valley, Arizona is the perfect place for you to mount yourself with the natural beauty of nature. With its vivid landscape, Arizona offers its offers its traveller’s options of a perfect road trip. Here one can explore some old and unique hotels/motels to stay and understand more about the culture of Arizona with the local tribe over there.

These hotels will not only make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable but will also teach you a deeper essence of happy living.

Wigman Motel in Holbrook

 Ever thought of staying in a cone? If not, then Wigman motel in Holbrook is the perfect place for you. It can also be the impeccable starting point for you to start touring the Northern Arizona with highlights such as Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly or Flagstaff 2. And don’t you get confused by the looks as it’s a luxury paradise from inside; individual non-connected sleeping units with one or two double-bed, functioning bathroom, cable-TV, air-conditioner, heater, sink and shower in each unit.

Grand Canyon Caverns

Living 60 meters deep underground is altogether a different level of thrill and excitement. Grand Canyon Caverns provides you that thrill with the oldest, darkest, deepest, quietest and largest motel rooms in the world. With no problems like humidity, spiders or bats, etc. It comes with a sofa, TV, bookshelf and the fully furnished hotel room where you will feel as comfortable and cozy as your home.

The Shady Dell

The Shady Dell is located in the beautiful Bisbee city of Arizona. It is designed in an ancient manner with the record player, black and white TV’s that will remind you of the days of 1940’s and 50’s when gasoline was cheap and the people in the “silver whales” explored the country. There are nine different trailers which are perfectly tailored to different needs. Whether it is big campers for family trips or beach party bus with their own bar – you will find it here.


 You can experience an authentic Navajo lifestyle at the Hogan motel. There is no electricity, running water or other luxuries when staying in a Hogan; you will only be surrounded by mother earth and nature. You can relax and rejuvenate in the traditional and natural way of leading a life. The winter season is the prime time to visit a Hogan to cherish some great conversations around the campfire and sky filled with stars.

Hotel Congress

Hotels in Arizona

 Hotel Congress is a real icon in Tucson’s downtown area, with amazing food cuisines, drinks, and music at the famous Club Congress. It’s an amazing place for you to chill and relax with your loved ones.

These motels/hotels are a great option for you to relax, enjoy and rejuvenate with your loved ones. Great accommodation space, thrilling experience, fun activities and a delightful view of nature is all that you can experience at these unique and distinctive hotels in Arizona.     


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