Thailand: Home to Wellness Retreats

Thailand with its tremendous heritage in natural remedies and wellness practices is attracting major tourist to the country. Giving a major credit to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Thailand is not just a tourism spot among honeymooners and backpackers it is turned out to be a rejuvenating place.

In recent years the Thai Tourism Authority has been making an effort to create healthcare tourism packages that include treatments in spas, holistic centres and specialist clinics in places like Phuket and Bangkok. Advanced skincare and dermatology are proving to be as popular as body treatments, using sophisticated techniques like laser.

Thailand has been promoting its health and wellness industry, in partnership with wellness resorts and Hotels. Here is a list of few wellness hotels & beach resorts and spas in Thailand, which provides unique wellness and can be on your next holiday bookings.

Chiv- Som International Health Resort

The Chiv- Som exquisite rooms are designed to enhance the guest’s overall wellness experience. You can feel calmed by the truly authentic experience of staying in one of these traditional Thai Pavilions. Each Suite includes a dining area, dressing room, mini pantry and two bathrooms and more amenities can all be personalised. The unique Chiva-Som experience starts with selecting a retreat which is further curated by adding or changing treatments and daily-changing activities. You can begin with the Chiva-Som retreat that best aligns with your interests – the path that fits with your personal goals or health concerns.

Ritz- Cartlon, Ko Samui

Situated on Thailand’s second largest island, The Ritz-Carlton, Koh Samui is sanctuary of luxury amongst white sand beaches and the emerald waters of the Gulf of Thailand.The Ritz- Cartlonon Koi Samui is on the green and luscious north-eastern tipoff the Island with 187 luxury guest rooms and pools villas.  It offers some of the finest local ingredients that are sourced and utilised for customised treatments and the health bar. Apart from this you can seek to restore balance to your mind, body and soul through uplifting traditional Thai healing practices that incorporates coconut, healing herbs, water therapy and fresh flowers.

Amatara Resort & Wellness, Phuket

Tucked away in a quiet corner of this idyllic island, the Amatara Wellness Resort is set to become the new benchmark for tropical elegance in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and easily stands out among hotels in Cape Panwa Phuket.Amatara has expanded the offering by crafting itself as a premier wellness destination. One can find a variety of luxurious holistic treatments ranging from ancient to modern,like Rhassoul clay treatments and the world’s first “Thai Hammam”.

Keemala, Phuket

Keemala is one of the unique properties of with eclectic tented villas, clay cottages, tree houses and woven spa huts. At theKeemala guest come to pause and unwind from the stresses of modern day living. Whether you seek inner alignment and balance through massage and healing bodywork, a customised holistic program to deeply renew and refresh a sluggish mind and tired body, or just a rejuvenating, anti-ageing skin treatment, Mala Spa is the perfect sanctuary for your mind, body, and soul. Here each of the unique dwelling lays claim to its own private pool and lush jungle views.


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