Television Thinner Than iPhone

LG launches its new series of Flat television with Dolby Atmos Technology

LG W7 announced its new 4K TV which is said to be thinner than an iPhone.  The LG signature OLED TV W set will be available in 65 –inch model, which is 17 pounds and 77- inch which weighs 27 pounds.

The company has announced that 65-inch will be available from beginning of March and the 77-inch version will be available “in the second half of the year,” according to LG.

According to the LG website the price of the 66 inch television set is 5.14 Lac Rupees and 77 inches would be a little more compared to it.

Unlike other TVs, which require separate hardware to mount, the W7 can be mounted with magnets and sits less than 4 millimeters from the wall. With the razor-thin sets so slim the internal nicknames for it is “wallpaper OLED” with estimate of the blend in with the wall.

Making it so thin, LG has placed the speakers and other electronic components into a separate soundbar, which sets underneath the television sets and can be connected via a cable.

The elegant soundbar uses the Dolby Atmos technology for the first time; this allows the sound to come from the sides and also from the top, giving the viewers an experience like never before.

Other features of4K TV include webOS 3.5 Smart TV platform, Magic Link, a feature that lets users quickly find related videos from a variety of sources. The set comes with special speakers system of 4.2 channels along with resolutions of 3840 x 2160.

It does not support HDR, which is all the rage these days, but it should provide improved black levels and contrast with minimum glare, and all that while consuming very little power.

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