tesla model 3 @PeakLife

Model 3 from Tesla, an all-electric sedan!

Model 3 from Tesla is an all-electric sedan, which according to the official website of Tesla is a ‘smaller, simpler and more affordable electric car.’ After all the Tesla Model 3 has been designed and built as the world’s first mass-market electric car. This makes the Model 3 a critical step in Tesla’s mission to […]

lexus @ PeakLife

Lexus LS 500h launched in India

Lexus extends its range in India with the introduction of their flagship sedan, the LS 500h. Alluring and extremely well-appointed the Lexus flagship LS series is a statement maker. It’s everything you would expect from the pinnacle of luxury performance. Hybrid powertrains are becoming a norm for Lexus in India and the LS 500H is […]

BMW 7 Series @PeakLife

BMW 7 Series: A take on Contemporary Luxury

BMW 7 series bears a distinctive and elegant design that makes this mean machine the epitome of luxury.With a standard long wheelbase, carbon-fiber construction, and a host of new comfort and safety features, this new car is one of the top luxury sedan cars. Impressive Interiors The interior is as opulent and luxury as possible […]