Radhika 29 nov lead

Hand-picked Green Tea Leaf you should know about?

Now that we know about what white Tea is and have understood about types, this week Radhika brings in more secrets of Green tea from around the world and its benefits. Green tea, what is so cool and awesome about it?  Why is everybody on an overdrive about it? Well because it revs up metabolism, […]

Detoxify and cleanse your body @PeakLife

Detoxify and cleanse your body

Feeling guilty about the overindulgence you’ve done over the holiday season or the long-weekend that made you gain a few more kilos? Read what Dr. Jason Culp, ND from Chiva-Som HuaHin says about post-holiday detox. Even with the best of intentions, the holidays – filled with an over-abundance of festive foods, drinks, and indulgent treats […]