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Mental Health is as important as Physical health

In light of recent events of ace-designer Kate Spade committing suicide after battling with Bi-polar disorder and depression for a very long time, one needs to pay heed to the fact that mental health isn’t given much importance and isn’t treated timely, often costing people their lives. Kate Spade committed suicide after battling with Bi-Polar […]

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Natural remedy for Sleeplessness or Insomnia

If you’re struggling with sleeplessness or insomnia, here are some natural remedies that can help you, as suggested by Dr. Naresh Arora, Founder of Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics At 11.00 pm: I should sleep now. At 3.00 am: Still scrolling Facebook. This is a very common scenario worldwide nowadays. Millions of people find difficulties to fall asleep according […]