Know more about your exotic cup of Coffee

From extracting coffee from a cat’s poop to producing them in the rarest of places and conditions, PEAKLIFE lists for you the most exotic coffee beans in the world. Coffee has a flavour that can turn from leisure to addiction in no time. Each has a unique taste and those of the highest quality are […]


Broccoli Coffee: Healthier way to fix your caffeine needs

If you’re the kind that hates green vegetables and the mere thought of consuming a leafy vegetable with your meal gives you anxiety, you’re in for quite a surprise as this new foodie trend is here to change your mind. Broccoli is probably the most hated green vegetable and has been haunting kids since a very young […]

chocolate spa

The Most Unusual Foods Used In Spa Treatments Around The World

Food is something that comforts us. Our mood is often affected by the kind of food we eat. Relaxing with food is a very common practice, however, what makes these spa treatments different is the way these food items are used to relax your body during a treatment. Spa treatments bring your body at ease […]