Natural Spa Ingredients . - Centella asiatica Urban, Asiatic Pennywort for skin care.

Magic Herb: Gotu Kola is the ultimate beauty elixir

A prehistoric herb- Gotu Kola is creating a buzz with new skin treatments with its numerous alignments. Since for last few years there is a growing focus on Plant research only because synthetics that have been so much in usage for 5-7 decades that we are chemically throttled and therefore these synthetics side effects have […]


Keep your Glow going even in the changing weather

Changing weather means skin issues, and the best way to battle them is to make sure that your skincare regimen has products that understand your skin’s needs. And, how do you know what’s best for your skin? Alkaa Punia, the noted expert on 100% Natural Products and the founder of Snaana, says that you don’t have to […]

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Rediscovering the Power of Nature with SNAANA

The story of SNAANA is best described as “the story of a mother who joined forces with nature.” PEAKLIFE meets Alkaa Punia, the founder of this 100% chemical free and preservative free skincare brand, to know her tale. The popular saying ‘necessity is the child of invention’ rings in loud and clear when we hear […]