Aishwarya Bhende, India’s first floating restaurant, AB Celestial,

Aishwarya Bhende: On A High Sail

Aishwarya Bhende is behind building India’s first floating restaurant. Indeed, never give up on your dreams. Exposed to European waterfronts from an early age, Aishwarya Bhende realized how they boosted tourism in those countries. Back home at the commercial capital, Mumbai, she saw a huge opportunity on its seaside which could add jewels to the […]

AB Celestial Lead

Wine Evenings, to celebrate the Luxe Wines

Aspri Spirits and AB Celestial hosts a wine evening with Barton & Guestier India’s leading distributor of premium wines and spirits, Aspri Spirits and AB Celestial, Mumbai’s first luxury floatal hosted an exceptional wine evening with the oldest wine brand established in Bordeaux, Barton & Guestier. The elegant evening presented an opportunity to taste the […]