Style lessons from Sex and the City

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Sex and the city recently completed 20 years anniversary. Even though the show came out ages ago, the fashion statements made on the show remain on-point and inspiring. Here’s our list of some iconic moments, and their style files.


Carrie Bradshaw taught us the 2 L’s: Labels and Love. She was a trendsetter and managed to pull styles no one would’ve thought made sense.


Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Dress Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Dresses Photo Shoot Satc Pinterest

Carrie’s wedding dress will always be iconic. That big poofy dress in which Carrie almost walked down the aisle was designed by Vivienne Westwood. It first showed up in their 2007/08 winter collection and was designed again to suit Sarah Jessica Parkers character in the show. The corset top was made from gold-backed ivory silk satin duchess while the skirt was crafted from ivory silk Radzimir taffeta. It was a glorious piece and one of our personal favorites from the show.




We all know Carrie was as obsessed with Manolo Blahnik as we are. However, the most iconic were the heels that Mr. Big proposed Carrie with. Despite of the bumpy road the couple took on, they sealed the deal with Manolo Blahnik’s famous design, Hangisi satin pumps in cobalt blue. Mr. Big used the heels to propose to carry instead of a ring and as we all know, the moment went down in history.


Carrie opted for a rather unusual and quirky dress for the opening scene. She wore a tank top and paired it with a pink tutu. She, of course, looked remarkable; however, what’s surprising is that the tutu costed only $5. The tutu got wet in the opening sequence and had to be replicated so Carrie could wear it again somewhere later in the show.


Miranda Hobbes may not necessarily come to your mind when you discuss iconic fashion moments from Sex and the City; however, Miranda’s style was very true to herself. She didn’t follow the trends like the rest of her group, she made a lot of fashion blunders but then she owned them.



miranda maid of honour

Miranda stunned everyone when she showed up wearing a cobalt blue Zac Posen gown. It was a beautiful dress in a violet hue. This shade seems to be her preferred shade. She looked absolutely beautiful and breathtaking in this dress which wasn’t something she would normally pick.


Miranda wasn’t a person who planned to conform to the social norms. Her style was true to her. She wore a burgundy dress instead of a traditional white dress. She had the wedding of her dreams with just having a few people she was close to and wearing something she was the most comfortable in. In the entire series, Miranda’s style wasn’t appreciated, so it was good to see her wear something on her wedding that was ‘her style’ but also a little different and feminine from what she’d usually wear.


In the previous seasons, Miranda’s style was very restricted to her wearing Pant-Suits. However, this was one of our favorite looks on Miranda. She wore a Maggie London dress, gold belt and Gucci pumps. Miranda’s look has come on the glamorous side and here in this dress, she looks chic and modern. It’s very different from what she used to wear and that is one of our favorite things about it.



Samantha is known for her bold fashion choices and the slips she has. We all secretly wish we had the courage to be able to pull the styles she does with the same confidence.


Samantha pulls a yellow Versace dress, Jimmy Choo sandals and Nancy Gonzalez handbag, which matches with her pup’s leash and collar, it was custom made to show make Samantha look like an IT girl in L.A. Samantha looks bold in this look and pulls it off very confidently. Samantha looked chic and classy in this outfit which was custom made to suit her character.


In the last season when Samantha was diagnosed with cancer, she wore a pink wig. This was one of the boldest and most courageous looks on the show as Samantha wasn’t shown wearing a wig that looked like real hair, instead, she wore a Pink wig that showed she was fighting back like a boss that she was. This moment defined Samantha’s willpower and was a very inspiring thing for the viewers of the show as well.


Samantha pulled off a lot of things that we wouldn’t even dream of, but that’s what made her style so different from that of everyone else’s. Her huge beach hat was beautiful and she pulled it off with great confidence. Not only did the hat save her from sun damage but it made her look like a fashionista so ahead of her time.



Charlotte had the girliest wardrobe amongst all her friends. She always wore something chic, classy and extremely feminine. She always looked like she was ready to take over the world.



Charlotte wore a black gown on Carrie’s wedding. She pulled it off and looked very trendy. Her gown was as dramatic as the wedding itself. Her look was very powerful and went very well with her character. It was a Vivienne Westwood piece and looked absolutely beautiful on her.


Charlotte wore an easy breezy polka dot dress when she ran into Mr. big. She was pregnant in this episode and the dress made her look comfortable and very light in her style. This didn’t put a lot of focus on her baby bump. Charlotte’s pregnancy style was ON POINT. She paired it with a blush pink jacket and looked absolutely effortless in her style.


Charlotte wore a Liz Taylor dress when she finally decided to get out of the house after facing a miscarriage. This was her brave moment where she finally stepped out after mourning the loss of her unborn child at home. This was a very powerful scene and all the attention was on Charlotte which she 100% deserved.



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