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Remaining fit and healthy without the churn of dieting and exercising is a secret because dieting and exercising are the common ways to lose weight but dieting doesn’t work always and exercising requires a lot more effort.

Women always want to look their best and their inches perfect but it gets difficult because of the ineffectiveness of dieting, toughness of exercising and so much of tasty junk food.  Here are the secrets of those women who never diet and stay slim – happily peeling off by the pool without a second thought. So, steal their secrets, attitudes, and behaviours and be one of them.

Dump diet foods:

The packets which say that it contains food which is “low on calories” or “diet” is to be dumped because the fact is, it is nothing of the sort.The problem is that these foods are highly processed, high in carbs, gets converted to sugars and results into weight gain. Thus, having natural food and staying healthy is the mantra!

Rest is important:

Less rest affects the hormones which result in weight gain and changes one’s appetite to crave for food that imbalances the calories intake. Less sleep will last you with a total imbalance of energy. So, to maintain a healthy BMI you must make sleep a priority.

Experiment in the kitchen:

Homemade food is healthier and there is a common belief that healthy eating is stale is stale and boring but it would not be boring if you jazz your food with sufficient garnishing. Healthy eating garnished with herbs and spices does many benefits like reducing fat intake, boosting metabolism and keeping you healthy.

Avoid diet soda:

Diet sodas are addictive and set up the brain for wanting more sugar. The artificial sweeteners in diet soda are controversial and actually stimulates hunger which worsens the weight issue as a result.

Don’t count calories:

Counting calories at every point of time may deprive one of the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. There’s a difference between the calories intake from junk food and calories intake from healthy food. So, take essential nutrients, vitamins, carbs and healthy fat to contend with hunger and increasing inches.

Eat sugar smartly:

Overeating sugar can be stored as fat in your body but it doesn’t mean that you should cut it off completely. Sugary food items are meant to be enjoyed so eat in a justified manner and lose inches as well.


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