Some vintage gifts for sister


Know more jewellery gift ideas for sisters this Rakhi.

There are few things in life as special as the relationship between a brother and his sister. It’s a relationship that is natural, rare and sparkles with life, but at the same are not free of flaws and blemishes.

It takes something unique to symbolise all that it means, something natural, rare and full of sparkles too. Believe us, it is an excellent idea to gift jewellery and genuinely make great gifts!

Margarita by Gili


A floral inspired line that is beautiful and fresh, just like her, special collections of Margarita by Gili. The stunning three piece floral set comes with earrings, pendant and a ring.

Nirvana’s Oriana Collection

Choose from Nirvana’s Oriana collections – large, yet lightweight, crafted with innovative techniques so very much like her – with qualities that seem so different, but blend into one spectacular personality.

Swivel Collection by Nakshatra


With an innovative design and masterly craftsmanship, the Swivel collection by Nakshatra is another gift for your sister. The beautiful collection blends the sparkling and auspicious seven petalled diamond floral motifs, believed to bring Divine Luck, with elements that rotate freely, spinning like a wheel of fortune for woman to define her own destiny.

Remember this Raksha Bandhan, show you’re your love to your sister how precious she really is.




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