Smart-sunglasses: the new path to mental clarity

Smith’s Lowdown Focus

Moving beyond the smartphones, “smart-sunglasses” are the new geek chic accessory. Smith’s Lowdown Focus mpowered by Muse is a pair of smart-sunglasses designed to keep you focused and efficient.  

Have you ever imagined if you could monitor your brain activities? With electrodes connected to your brain giving you feedback of your level of focus, regular information about your stress levels and different moods. And, all these collected data could help you relax, get focused in work and would be useful in making you a more decisive individual. The latest technological breakthrough by Smith – a renowned sports eyewear brand known for its cycling and snowboarding glasses – promises to make it all happen.

The Smith’s Lowdown Focus mpowered by Muse is a piece of eyewear uniquely designed and crafted to enhance performance with seamlessly integrated EEG technology and built on the SafiloX brain sensing eyewear platform. The progressive technology aside, the pair is fancy enough to help you bag style pointers too.

The specially designed electronics and EEG sensors that measure brain activity are invisibly integrated into the frame. The sensors placed on the temple of the glass helps in recording data then the sensor’s data is transmitted to the app via Bluetooth, where brain activity is translated in real-time into guiding sounds that reflect the state of mind of the user.

How to use Cognitive training and mobile app

Smith’s Lowdown Focus

During each training session with Lowdown Focus, the technology measures brain activity and provides users with cues to focus on breathing, helping train their minds to become more calm, relaxed and focused for sport or navigating the chaos of everyday life.

The user can experience a series of exercises developed to help them reach cognitive training goals, with special features to enhance energy management and attention before competition, exercises to reintegrate into daily conditioning and to combat daily stressors. Sessions are designed to allow user to train their focus in as little as 1 minute per day, up to 3 hours.

Within the Smith Focus app, users can also tailor their cognitive training to their own needs; from quick drop-in sessions, to scheduled training and downloadable content aimed at improving sleep, focus, relaxation and performance. Users receive visual feedback on each session and can track of personal progress, review data, and improve their practice.

There are motivational challenges and rewards are specifically designed to encourage the user to build a more regular and effective practice.

Advantages & Availability

Smith’s Lowdown Focus

So now you can also enhance your cognitive skills heightened sense of self-awareness, increased focus and lower stress. The beautifully designed and lightweight eyewear is chic enough for you to sport every day.

Smith Lowdown Focus mpowered by Muse is available in two different sizes (S/M & M/L) and three color options (Matte Black, Matte Gravy, and White). All models will be available with ChromaPopTM lenses, Smith’s proprietary lens technology that allows wearers to see detail and color beyond normal capabilities. The innovative smart sunglasses is combined with the Smith Focus app, deliver this training by integrating Interaxon’s MuseTM brain-sensing technology into the popular and stylish Smith Lowdown frames.

You can purchase Smith Lowdown Focus online via the Smith e-commerce website at It will be available by January 2018 throughout the world.



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