Simone Khan Arora: Designed to Perfection

PEAKLIFE, Simone Khan Arora: Designed to Perfection

For self-confessed perfectionist and luxury decor connoisseur, Simone Khan Arora, it is all about striking a work-life balance

Her swanky lifestyle store (the “second chapter” of her life) Simone in South Mumbai is a tastefully curated collection of decor essentials. An extension of her own personality that breathes classic luxe and stylish glamour. But then refined resplendence comes naturally to Simone Khan Arora, filmmaker Sanjay Khan, and his wife Zarine’s successful entrepreneur daughter while she also essays a pivotal role as creative director, in tandem with her husband, Ajay Arora, at their bulwark home furnishings brand, D’Decor. All while deftly balancing the roles of a caring mom, wife, daughter, and sister.

“I have always been very organised and methodical, never giving too much to one facet in my life,” confesses Simone. “Of course, as the moment demands, I prioritise. Over the years I have also schooled myself into becoming a more patient person,” she says, letting us into the secret of being able to maintain a superb work-life balance. For someone who has worked zealously and decisively through her three pregnancies, Simone is a self-driven individual, fuelled by her deep-seated passion for her work. “I constantly compete with my own self,” says the risk taker who moved heaven and earth to set up her own store inside a cherished heritage building. “My family spells my strength and my focused approach, gut and determination have led me to where I stand today. We (my sisters Sussanne Khan and Farah Khan Ali) were all raised to be strong as people and have always taken responsibility for our own decisions,” shares Simone.

“As a perfectionist, I put my heart and soul into any project I commit myself to,” she says. Her methodical approach brings in defined timelines, careful forward planning, calculated risks, and organizational skills. “I believe that a successful entrepreneur is powered by an efficient team, to whom responsibilities can be delegated. You have to value your team, your human capital. Being a compassionate and caring employer, managing people and building team spirit, understanding and sensitivity towards your employee’s needs brings in further loyalty and enhanced productivity,” she shares. No wonder then, her team is her family. “At Simone, we have an equal number of male and female employees with designated work responsibilities as this healthy ratio of male: female employees makes for a good work environment, bringing in different perspectives for better learning for all in the organization.”

Pearl of wisdom? “With great success comes even greater humility. Stay humble and appreciative of all that you are blessed with and nurture enduring relationships that survive monetary wealth.”

(As told to Shilpi Madan)

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