Sew up spring

Embroider your way through the latest trend

From embroidered denims to little hand stitch detailing on shirts, major fashion stores are brimming with beautiful embroidered pieces. This artful trend is making a fiercely comeback this year and is increasingly featured in the international collections. You could ascribe this to Gucci, the befuddled Bedford Avenue granny-chic aesthetic embodying patterns and wildlife creatures such as birds and tigers or Valentino’s dreamscapes of organza gowns with delicate threads pulled through them in romantic and intricate designs.

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Go full board with a complete embroidered dress or opt for one item with minute embroidery details. To enhance the look, choose from dressy silhouettes such as the off –shoulder or statement sleeves and beguile through the day.

Moving into the e-commerce-infiltrated world comes the desire for unique things to exhibit on social media and thereby, entice interest in ones profile. The youth is driven to pare back to the essentials, to scour, to reframe and innovate something new. In order to align with the crafty Millennial and Generation Z shoppers, while complex in execution; these motifs portray a do-it-yourself intention.


This trend is predominantly, adapted by denim jackets and makes allowances for men as well. A denim jacket can accompany your wardrobe through spring to autumn and with this contemporary supplement, it will hold for casual days and formal evenings. For men, the approach should be to go subtle with the embroidery whilst no restrictions for color. Basic blue or smart white, both furnish the trend very well.

The fresh way to add interest to your bags is through incorporating the intricate floral patterns or affixing fun through tongue-in-cheek lipstick and eyeball motifs. Designers like Stella McCartney and Saint Laurent offer sophisticate exquisite embroidered purses while massive commercial brands such as Zara and New Look provide for the peppy prints.

The Spring Summer 2017 runways were bursting with embroidered shoes! Embroidered studded booties, sandals, slip-ons or even platform heels, all look splendid with this trend integrated. This colorful statement-making embellishment can even take a simple staple shoe and turn it into an eye-catching piece of art.

On the whole, a little embroidery on a pair of denim jeans or a dress is a playful nod to couture and hence, makes it vivdly versatile. In addition to this, the stitch detail possesses the power to lend glamour to the utilitarian and be sober enough to be carried through the day. A plethora of designers and brands are jumping on the embroidery bandwagon and therefore, this trend can easily be spotted on high-fashion runways as well as fast fashion stores.

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