Secret of the Universe

Omega introduces Moonwatch model in its collection. With revering the innovative thoughts and incredible designs.

Omega has taken yet another leap introducing another of side of the moon in the watch collection. Yet for the latest release they have come up with the Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon “Meteorite”. The acme feature of this watch is its incredible meteorite dial.

There is nothing more we love than a re-addition of vintage pieces and this meteorite dial is just that and more. The Omega has sourced slices of the Gibeon meteorite that fell in prehistoric times in Namibia. The ribbon-like flecks “Widmanstätten” pattern evident on each piece is unique for each model.

For the first time Omega has used the tachymeter scale made of Omega CeragoldTM. The indexes and handles are forged with reddish tone 18K SednaTM gold and on each timepiece the dial is been crafted from the extra-terrestrial stone.

The stellar timepiece might be truly revealing the secret of the universe but nevertheless also applauds the ace craftsmanship and designers.    

With the Speedmaster’s connection to space, Omega believe that this timepiece is another remarkable tribute to the collection’s past, and as close it gets to owning a true secret of the universe.

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