Scarfing it up in summer

The freshest way to wear a scarf this season

Winter days are for lazing around and as we do our least to fancy up, the scarf comes to our rescue. Whilst keeping us warm it instantly lifts up the full attire.The added accessory is a splendid device to get a dressier look over your casual overcoat and jeans. So why restrict them to your winter wardrobe? Break through the presumptions and go scarf shopping this summer!

Warm weather entails lesser and lighter clothing, however, it does not mean disregarding the entire fashion concept of layering. You can easily attain a summery sartorial by combining airy fabrics. Befriend breathable materials like cotton, georgette, linen and chiffon in eccentric prints and stock them up for the season.

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The throw-on

Perhaps the most common and adapted method to wear it is to let it effortlessly hang around your neck. It instantly becomes the attention seeker from your entire outfit and truly would even bring out your basics. If you’re not someone who fancies loose and ill-fitted silhouettes, select a belt to accentuate your waistline and attain a befitted outline.

For a sleeker look, opt for a slimmer scarf that adds up to formal attire.

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The wrist-band

Let’s start with the easiest way to utilize the scarf – adorning it around your wrist to achieve a dressy and versatile bracelet. Make it go round a couple of times and tie at the end to assure it stays in place. This mode works very well for both men and women and is sure to give the little extra to your summer look.

The innovative headband

Swap your regular headband with a DIY scarf headband. These look super cute in bright tones and colorful prints. A light fabric would the appropriate selection rendering a cool summer look.

Bandana style

Kick it up a notch by picking an edgy scarf and wrap around your head in a bandana style. Beguile the crowd by pairing this with absolutely anything from a plain swimsuit to tees and denims.

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The edgy necktie

Play around with different structures and silhouettes to yield distinctive collar options. Fun and unconventional, the necktie is an attention grabber and makes for a stylish accessory statement. Knot it up like a flight attendant chic look or wrap around the neck for a smart enticing appearance.

The hair tie

Get creative with hairstyles and position a scarf instead of your hair tie

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The accessory for your accessory

Add a pop of colour to your handbag

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