Sayesha Sachdev: bringing in the sustainable fashion

Sayesha Sachdev introduces CONSCIOUS a completely sustainable & ethical collection handmade designs.

Sayesha Sachdev, who doesn’t believe in following trends but believes in breaking them & creating new ones, holds the helm at SY:SH-The Design House. She comes with a remarkable resume of achievements: an avid reader and traveler, Sayesha has travelled across India experiencing various traditional art forms such as block printing & weaving.

What makes Sayesha Sachdev, the ace designer, tick? What are your inspirations?

I’m not an average designer who caters to the masses; I look at both ends of the spectrum, my artisans & my consumers. I show you a transparent and open translation from the sourcing to the fully stitched ensemble. I am someone who understands natural textiles for what they are and what works with them to highlight their essence. I believe in breaking barriers when it comes to design and no idea is impossible to execute. With research being one of my many vast interests, I find a way to give the unexpected while staying true to my brands’ ethos of stylish sustainability. On projects & collaborations with stores & online portals, I design a curated collection specifically for them – personalized for store owners. What one would find at one store could be completely different than what one would see at another under the label SY:SH – that’s what keeps me excited, an attitude to constantly experiment and learning as I grow.

Sustainable fashion collection Sayesha Sachdev
CONSCIOUS Design Collection: Askew|Top, Outkart| Top, Conceal| The Cape

How and where did your journey as a designer begin? And which are the significant instances that punctuate this journey of yours?

My journey in the industry began at a very young age. Having grown up and being surrounded by strong influencers like my mom and aunt, there was no doubt that this is the path I was going to choose. My mother is a high-end couturier & designer who specializes in drapes and my aunt who is into sustainable architecture. I had my life planned out in middle school, I knew the college I was going to, the course I was doing, it was all planned out and it was everything I had ever dreamed of. During my stint in London, I started becoming more aware of the darker side of fast fashion, the pollution, the health hazards, the damage it causes to people & our planet. That is what kept me going and pushed me to help the artisans that I had grown up seeing. After tons of research on the industry and the dying traditional handicraft in India in 2015, I launched my first experimental design collection called SCHIER, which was appreciated by many both in India & internationally. It was a great experience and a complete sell-out. After my first successful collection showcase, I pushed myself to develop and learn more about the kind of textiles I would like to work with especially natural textiles. The thought of polyester and synthetic or chemically processed fabrics is a big NO for the design aesthetics under the brand label SY:SH.

Over the years I have worked with many renowned names in the industry which has only helped me learn and be far more experimental with my designs. My journey so far has been tremendous and the growth of our business has been more than satisfying. I hope to continue to get the love & appreciation we have and to constantly innovate and give people a reason the join #theslowmovement with the #syshfamily

sustainable fashion collection Sayesha Sachdev
CONSCIOUS Design Collection Pure|The Dress, Rhythm| The Shirt, Entangled |Shirt Jacket

Tell us about your latest collections – the colors, the motifs, the fabrics, and the design philosophy behind them?

Made with 100% organic cotton, industrial waste & banana fiber, CONSCIOUS is a completely sustainable & ethical collection handmade with love & care by our very own artisans from the North of India. Each garment is treated with respect, cut & stitched to perfection. It is important for us to highlight the natural essence of the fabrics used and also respect the environment, therefore none of them have been chemically dyed or treated keeping them 100% chemical and synthetic free. However, if you would like to have them dyed, we could use natural dyes like indigo, tea, coffee, vegetable dyes & floral dyeing. Do you want to know who made your clothes? We tell you who made your garment & where it was made and how it was made.

Tell us about your sustainable designing and its inspirations?

We experiment with cuts, natural dyes and incorporate traditional Indian handicrafts acknowledging young and aspiring artists from various regions of India and around the world to showcase a wide range of diversity in art and culture combined with fashion. Most of my designs and creations are inspired by nature, minimalistic living and mindfulness.

How would you describe yourself? What are your much-loved pursuits when not designing?

Ah, it’s always a tough one when you have to talk about yourself. If there was one word I could use to describe myself it would have to be ambitious. In my accordance no job is too big or too small, nothing is above or beneath me. I believe in living as equals, men, women & whatever one may identify themselves with. I am a part-time foodie (only because of health kicks into place) and a full-time feminist, traveler & mental health activist. My interests vary from political history to contemporary art. My biggest indulgence & best-kept secret has been my love for technology! People least expect that when they see me since I come across as a nature lover, steering away from the bustling city life but like my brand SY:SH I am living proof that the two could co-exist.

Last but not the least, what is your verdict on the upcoming season in fashion? Which trends do you think will dominate the scene? What can we, the fashion-forward consumers, look forward to in the near future?

We don’t believe in following trends, we believe in breaking them & creating new ones. #teamsysh is a family that believes in breaking norms, rules & restrictions, thinking out of the box and creating something our clients would least expect. Fashion forward consumers, get your knowledge hats on and join our movement because Sustainable & Ethical is the future of Fashion. With everyone being so concerned about the environment and the surroundings, why not be a little careful in one’s dressing sense wearing organic and sustainable fashion that looks and feels great.



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